20 quick and healthy vegan snacks!

20 quick and healthy vegan snacks!
If you are a vegan then you know that snaking can be a big challenge. The chances of being able to stop at a convenient store to power up are very slim since most snack foods contain some type of dairy product or eggs. Yes, even things like veggies and dip like you buy in snack sized cups and granola bars have egg or milk in them. What in the world does a vegan do? The answer is to make snacks at home. Good vegan snacks aren’t hard to make or find as you may think. Here are some quick and easy vegan snacks that you can quickly prepare.

Things You Have in the Pantry
If you’re a vegan it is likely you have all or some of these foods already.

  • Dried fruit
  • Fruit leathers
  • Trail mix and nuts
  • Dairy free granola or granola bars
  • Salsa and tortilla chips
  • Sweet potato or kale chips

To spice things up, try some different flavor combinations that you haven’t tried before. EX. Instead of your usual dried bananas and apricots, give ginger or mango a go. And stock up on fruit leathers from local makers during the fall and summer. Even, better, prepare your own fruit leathers easily at home! As for granola bars, before getting any type of granola product, search the ingredients for vegan red flags.

Fruits and Veggies
Here are a few snacks that take a few minutes to make but are worth the short wait.

  • Throw together so different types of fruit for a yummy fruit salad
  • Sprinkle an apple with some cinnamon (especially good when warmed up)
  • Slice up a banana or apple (some people like celery stalks for this one too) and spread on some almond butter (peanut butter works too).
  • Make your own vegan guacamole by blending avocado and almond milk, adding some salt and lemon juice, and dip vegetable pieces in it. Try this with tahini or hummus as well and your snacking routine will never be the same.

Making smoothies is fast and easy, as well as healthy. Here are some suggestions:

  • Your favorite flavor of frozen fruit, a banana, flax seed and soy milk
  • Blended bananas, soy milk, cashews and cocoa powder
  • Orange juice, frozen fruit and spinach

15 Minute Snacks
Here are a few vegan snacks that take 15 minutes or less to prepare.

  • Hummus with vegan crackers or veggies
  • Air popped popcorn with a bit of salt, some nutritional yeast and vegan margarine
  • Nutty fruit bars (1/3 cup nuts, 1 cup dates, a dash of cinnamon, combine in a blender or processor and shape into balls)

And here are a few more to keep you on your toes:

  • Cashew cream or butter (easily make your own by blending pre-soaked cashews) with sliced fruit
  • Dates stuffed with nut butter
  • Applesauce
    Happy vegan snacking!


Best of Health,


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