5 Nutritious Smoothies you should not miss!

5 Nutritious Smoothies you shoud not miss

It is important to feel satisfied with the meals that you are consuming. This is the only sure way that you will manage to stick on your diet. If you are not excited with the choices that you make on your nutrition then you are not going to keep making them. On the contrary, it is very easy for you to indulge in some cravings after a while.

Among the most tasty and healthy choices that you can add to your daily diet, there are the smoothies that can make you feel contempt and can satisfy your need for something sweet, refreshing and light. If you like sweet flavors, then you can benefit from a sweet smoothie snack.

Let’s take a look at some delicious smoothie recipes:

Blueberry Smoothie

Mix 1 cup of natural milk (almond milk without sugar) along with some blueberries and some linseed. If you want to make it even sweeter then you can also add a little honey.

Banana Smoothie

You can use half a cup of yogurt and mix one banana in it. You can make it even sweeter by adding a little peanut butter. Enjoy it while it is cold and refreshing.

Citrus Fruits Smoothie

Mix some orange juice along with some lemon juice and make it sweeter with honey and ice cubes.

Apple Smoothie

For a tasty and healthy smoothie, all you have to do is mix an apple with 200gr nonfat yogurt. Add a little cinnamon and honey and it will be amazing!

Strawberry Smoothie

Everyone loves fresh strawberries and especially in a smoothie they can make it amazing. For this reason, you can mix 10 strawberries with a cup of milk, some linseeds and half a spoon of stevia.

What you should watch out in smoothies

It is very important that you be careful with the ingredients that you are using to your smoothie. This way you can watch out the calorie intake on a daily basis. For instance, if you drink 3 smoothies in a day, then you can see how the honey intake is way too much. You have to make sure that smoothies will not replace your regular meals. Even though they are quite tasty, you have to be sure that you don’t replace your meals over them.

Another thing that you must have in mind is the fact that commercial smoothies are not as healthy as the ones you can make on your own. Commercial smoothies may contain sugar and other sweeteners. In addition, the quantity of fruits and vegetables might not be sufficient. Many of the times, they tend to use fatty milks in the smoothies. This is why it is very crucial to prepare your own smoothies.

Ideally, you have to prepare them the minute you want to consume them. In any other case, some of the nutrients will get lost – so its taste. It is definitely worth to spend some time in the proper manufacture of your smoothie. Its taste will make you feel fascinated and it will help you stick to your diet!

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