5 Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

5 Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

We have all heard the well known quote that we can enjoy any food with moderation without spoiling our diet. But is that true? Can we consume desserts, fried foods and snacks on a daily basis while remaining true to our goal of losing weight or preserving a healthy weight? Although most people would answer yes to this question, a recent survey proves the opposite. People who are eating a wide range of different foods tend to consume more sugars and high fat foods. On the contrary, those who limited their dietary choices during the survey remained faithful to a more balanced, healthy diet. The first group with the large variety of foods and snacks appeared to increase their weight while the second group remained stable or even lost weight.

So what can we do to avoid eating the wrong type of foods and keep our weight stable or even lose excess, un-needed weight? If the desire for something unhealthy is big, how do we deal with it? Here are a few secrets that can keep you away from disastrous irregularities:

• Before consuming anything highly unhealthy, consider whether you really want to enjoy that taste or whether you can just live without it. Such a thought, can prevent you from munching on something you do not really want. So if you have to eat something that you wouldn’t usually eat because of its low nutritional value, at least have something that will really satisfy you at that moment.

• Limit all unhealthy food you keep in the house. If you do not have a huge variety of desserts available in the kitchen, it is harder to indulge different sweets at the same time. The same also goes for the salty snacks, which are often consumed with other savory treats.

• If you plan to enjoy an unhealthy food within your meal, make sure you do not overdo it with the rest of your choices in the same meal. For example, if you want to enjoy French fries, maybe it’s a good idea to skip part of the bread or even avoid the dessert. Alternatively, if you truly want to have dessert, go for lean protein and a salad as a main course.

• You can always choose quality foods without losing the sweet taste. For example, banana with peanut butter or tahini and honey are great combinations for everyone. Dark chocolate can also make a great dessert without feeling bad about it.

  • Understand what and how much you eat within the day. This can be an indication of what you are eating, and help you understand if you are eating too much or even worse, if you eat without realizing it. You may be surprised at the amount of bread or milk or fats you consume within the day, even if you do not remember it a little later.

Without prohibiting any food from your everyday life, it is wise to prefer mainly healthier choices. Fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables, complex carbohydrates and whole grains, nuts and lean protein can supplement your daily nutritional needs!

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