5 TOP Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

5 TOP Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, each woman has increased nutritional needs. However, for many years there have been misconceptions as to the real needs of a pregnant woman. As a result, overeating, the wrong meal or snack choices can lead to discomfort or health problems. This is why it is necessary to educate about healthy choices that will help a woman during pregnancy. Furthermore, pregnancy can be a great opportunity for the adoption of healthy dietary changes that will last a lifetime!

The Nutritional Facts you should be aware of during Pregnancy

Below are the fundamentals for a successful, very healthy diet that helps the mother and the fetus:

  • Quality, Not Quantity: It is important to understand that a pregnant woman does not need to eat for two. There are certainly increased nutritional needs during the nine months of pregnancy and also after pregnancy while breastfeeding. However, these needs can be met through a healthy diet that includes vegetables and fruits, lean protein foods and foods with fiber, dairy and smart choices of complex carbohydrates.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid or folate is vitamin B9. It is extremely important for the development of the nervous system in the fetus. Therefore, even during procreation attempts, B9 should not be omitted from the diet of women. You can find it as a supplement in pharmacies.
  • Beware of Snacks: Many times the frequent consumption of snacks can be an obstacle to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, healthy snacks will prove to be beneficial to the pregnancy and the balance of blood glucose. Examples of useful and healthy snacks are nuts and dried fruits, cereal bars and fruit salads, even toast with low-fat cheese or even fruit juice, smoothies with skim milk or Greek yogurt.
  • Love Fish: For better or worse, fish and seafood are extremely useful sources of protein and omega-3 fats. Therefore, you must get used to eating such foods. With the right combinations and the appropriate cooking, you will see that fish and seafood are very delicious! The fish and seafood that should be avoided are: Swordfish, oysters mussels, shark, raw fish, for example Sushi.
  • Get hydrated: Proper hydration is the alpha and omega of proper nutrition, especially during pregnancy. Therefore, do not forget the water and try to drink at least 10 glasses of water each day. Of course, this habit should be practiced even after the course of pregnancy and lactation.

During pregnancy, significant changes occur in the body. Some of these changes scare us as they are unknown to us. However, it is up to us to stay healthy and to cope with the increased needs and changes taking place in our bodies. Proper nutrition is vital for everyone. Especially during pregnancy, a pregnant woman and the fetus growing inside of her need appropriate nutrients.

As you can see, you should closely monitor your diet and if you do not possess the required knowledge, it is extremely important to refer to a specialist. The gynecologist in cooperation with your dietitian will help you take care of your baby’s health as well as yours!

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