Busy But Healthy: Annita Agathokleous – A Tour Guide’s Tips on Healthy Eating

1.Name/Surname: Annita Agathokleous

2. You are a successful Tour Guide in Cyprus. How did you decide to become a Tour Guide?
It just happened. One day I read about this course opening in the newspaper. I applied, got accepted and here I am today, a tour guide.3. What do you mosty like in your job?
Meeting new people from around the world who introduce me to different cultures, new ideas, passing on the desire to visit these countries; helping me broaden my horizons. I’m interested in archaeology and history. Through culture, we can study the evolution of civilisation, something I find quite fascinating.

4. Why did you decide to improve your nutrition habits?
I have always being cautious with what I eat which helped me manage and control my weight. Three years ago, I noticed that it was becoming harder and harder to maintain my weight. Then, I made the mistake to reduce the quantity of food that I was eating. I was having very small portions, staying without any food for hours and instead of losing weight, I was gaining weight. It was then that I decided to check on my metabolism and visit Anna. She advised me on the correct combinations of food I should be eating, in the correct quantities and thus, she helped me set up a balanced diet.

5.How would you describe your diet in one day?
My work schedule varies from day to day. I make sure that I have breakfast, a meal that I always skipped in the past. Between breakfast and lunch I try to have a snack which could be some almonds, low fat biscuits, yogurt or a cereal bar. Lunch can be a salad with a small sandwich or a salad with low fat cheese and tuna. In the afternoon I will might have a low fat snack with coffee. Dinner could be fish or grilled chicken with grilled vegetables and a salad.

6.In your opinion, in which way can a busy woman keep herself healthy and in shape?
Exercising is important! If there is a will, there is a way. Always remember the snacks, they are very important. Carry them in your bag with you. Not only do they keep your stomach full but they keep the metabolism working.

7.Could you give us the top 3 changes you have made to your diet for energy and wellness?
1.I never skip a meal or a snack. 2. I eat the correct quantity of food and at the same time make the appropriate food combinations. 3.I exercise at least twice a week.

8.What kind of advice would you give to a busy woman who would like to change her relationship with food and improve her body and health?

Don’t deprive yourself of a rich, not so healthy meal every now and then. This could be the reward for the hard work of keeping a healthy diet. You don’t need to be overweight to visit a nutritionist!

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