3 Signs That Prove That You Are Dehydrated

 You can ask any dietician or personal trainer about the severe effects of dehydration in your body. Most likely he will be very strict and direct with the adequate amount of water that you have to drink per day. We all need water for the best operation of our system, both men and women. This is why there is a strict instruction from the World Health Organization that every person must drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. However, many women spend their days dehydrated and this can be also a major reason for not being able to lose the additional weight.

Worst case scenario, some of those women don’t even know when they are actually dehydrated. In order to resolve this problem and offer to you an efficient solution, here are the 3 most common symptoms of severe dehydration. If you spot one or some of them, it is highly advisable to think about the water you drunk today. The answer might shock you!

Symptom 1: Severe Headaches

If you don’t drink water 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, it is only logical that your body will continue to lose bodily fluids. This means that you also lose some important salts, such as natrum and calcium. This salt lose will change the chemical relations in your blood. Your brain is extremely sensitive to this change. This sensitivity will cause headache and will make you suffer from time to time. The headaches will keep on getting worse depending on the amount of water that you are having every day. The more water you lose, the less the blood mass becomes. This smaller mass will cause less oxygen to get to your brain. This will eventually cause an internal dilation in your blood vessels. As you can imagine, the first result of not drinking enough water is of course a severe and constant headache.

Symptom 2: Yellow Urine

This may sounds a bit odd to you, however it is a clear symptom that always tells the truth. Your urine gather all of the dirt in your system. When you are hydrated, this will be disposed easily from your system. When you are not giving yourself enough water, your system cannot really dispose them.

Symptom 3: Severe Constipation

Of course a constipation problem is not mainly caused by dehydration. However, there are many chances that you might be constipating because you are not drinking enough water. Water helps the dirt moves through your bowel and out of your body. If the water is not enough, then your body will not be able to complete this task. As a result, fibre in your intestine turns very dry and stool cannot be driven out of your system properly. This will eventually cause a severe cause of constipation.

Can you imagine now just how important it is for your body to stay hydrated? Do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, so that you can keep your body healthy and rejuvenated.

Best of Health,

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