7 Practical Nutrition Tips for Our Children

7 Practical Nutrition Tips for Our Children

It is important to know how to offer our children good and quality food, avoiding any kind of exaggeration. Without depriving the children of different delicacies, we should work towards and promote a healthy diet.  Let’s have a look at 7 practical tips to help us stick to our goal:

1. Do not push your child to eat: It is a common phenomenon to chase the child around food,
to eat up to the last crumb in their plate. However, children are aware of the amount of food they need, so we have to trust their decision.

2. Don’t Exclude Sweet Delicates: It is important to remember that what is forbidden automatically becomes more attractive to us. With this in mind, we should not ban any kind of food from our child’s menu. Even if we know that sugar is not healthy, we need to adjust sweet treats to the child’s diet.

3. Do not reward the child with food: One of the common mistakes made in the child’s daily routine is being rewarded for eating a non-appetizing dish with a specific meal (usually sweet treats). If this happens regularly, the child will start the food you try to give him as a treasure for his reward.

4. Beware of the Beverages: Although many people cannot see it, the truth is that beverages can give us a large amount of calories daily. That is why we need to control the consumption of beverages we give to our child, especially when it comes to sugary beverages, soft drinks and fruit drinks. Water is the best option here.

5. Do not constantly offer food: It is not right to constantly offer food to the child during the day. Let’s stay within 3 main meals with 2 or 3 snacks per day.

6. Teach the Child to Drink the Right type of Milk: Cow’s milk or most plant based milks are nutrient dense foods for our child. However, we must careful not to ask the child to seek only chocolate milk or consume milk with cereals that are rich in sugar.

7. More Fruits and Vegetables: No matter how difficult it is, it is important that children eat more fruits and vegetables, fitting them into their everyday life. By following these simple tips, we will be able to offer children what they need for their good development. Without exaggeration, children will appreciate the importance of a healthy diet. 


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