Are you too busy to eat right?

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With all the clutter of responsibilities at work, you should never overlook your diet. In the midst of your work schedule, taking a quick break for yourself will definitely not hurt anybody. Instead, it makes up the most important minutes of your entire day. 

Do not skip your breakfast

First, never leave for work without having a proper, whole-grain and energy rich breakfast. We have heard this a million times in our childhood. The fact remains that breakfast actually defines your entire day’s ability to work with maximum potential. For increased levels of concentration and effective working of your mind, plan a concise yet healthy breakfast for yourself. Load it up with any one or more of these items, fruit and yogurt smoothies, omelet, wholegrain cereals etc.

Always have mid-work snacks

The best strategy practiced for maintaining a healthy weight is to eat after every couple of hours. This does not mean that you need to take full-fledge meals. Instead, have quick snacks such as dried fruits, nuts or energy bars. Munch on them and keep yourself active throughout the day. Staying hungry for an extended period is not only harmful for your stomach, but it adversely affects your productivity as well – not to mention the slowing-down of your metabolism.

Go for a healthier option

A lot of fast food and takeout options are now available for you to grab during work hours. However, consuming this kind of food daily is definitely not good for the health of your body, especially if your take away spots are mostly deep frying their meals. By munching on a 800 calorie burger every day, you are not doing any favors to yourself. Try snack every few hours and go for plant-based options. Grab a pack of nuts, oat-based biscuits or fruit smoothies. Experiment with different kinds of foods like quinoa or bulgur wheat, baked fish, chicken, assorted veggies and always choose the healthiest option. By being more creative in your food options, you can stream through your preferences and look forward to your meal breaks.


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