What is the best time to consume your protein?


There is no doubt that when you are exercising and adding extra protein to your daily nutrition, it has an immediate effect on your muscle mass and your overall strength. There are many personal trainers and athletes that recommend a protein supplement, right after your daily workout. This is due to a specific reason. More specifically, it goes without saying that the ideal time to consume a protein snack is right after your workout is done. One of the necessary traits of protein is that it helps rebuild, increase and preserve your muscle mass. Therefore, protein is absolutely necessary for your demanding workout techniques.

You probably wondering which the right moment is to take your extra protein. Some believe that you can take the protein at any point after your exercise, while others that there is a very specific ideal point in which protein will offer you the best possible results.

In a new study of the Journal of Nutrition magazine, researchers asked for the participants to take part in a research that included exercising 3 nights per week for 12 weeks and eat a snack right after the exercise. This snack included a sandwich with cheese and an apple. Later on, some of them had to drink, right before sleep, a protein beverage with 180 calories that contained 27,5 gr protein (this beverage also contained carbs and fats). To the rest of the participants, the researchers gave a calorie-free beverage that looked exactly like the protein one. The given instructions were to sit at their bed, drink the beverage and go to sleep.

Both groups managed to increase their muscle mass and their overall strength from the regular exercise. The first group (with the protein beverage) managed to double the muscle mass and strength. A very promising research for sure!

Of course, an efficient amount of protein throughout your day is very important. However, based on this research, you can see how the additional protein that was consumed right before sleep had some amazing results in the muscle mass as well. It is highly possible that the additional protein helped the body rebuild the muscles, during sleep. This way, adequate sleep and protein were helping the muscles regain their strength and mass.

Are All Protein Beverages Considered to Be The Same?

At this point you should also note that most of the protein beverages you will find in the market have a high concentration of sugar and chemicals. Therefore, you have to take a closer look at all of the ingredients when you buy a protein beverage. Many protein beverages have very high levels of calories due to the saturated fats and sugars they contain. If you can’t find the right one for you, you can always make your own. This way you can completely control the elements you are going to use and adjust its flavor, depending on your specific preferences. You can mix some yogurt, low fat milk, almond or peanut butter, pulses and soy milk to create your own high protein drink. Even if these ingredients seem bizarre, they are excellent sources of protein and energy!

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