What is better to choose? Non-GMO or Organic Foods?

Nowadays, more and more non-GMO foods are being produced. That is a sign that customers as well as producers finally realize that healthier foods need to be consumed rather than GMO products. Therefore, on one hand we have the non-GMO foods and on the other hand we have the organic labeled foods. It is crucial to clarify in our minds what exactly non-GMO means in order to be able to choose the best products for us.

When a non-GMO label is on a product it means that the product does not contain any genetically modified ingredients. It does not necessarily provide you with further information on its origin or way to be processed.

So, the best solution in order to get a better idea of the food that you choose for your family is to choose organic foods that are also non-GMO. All certified organic products are prohibited to have any genetically modified ingredients.

While non-GMO products can be produced with the use of toxic pesticides, the organic crops cannot be grown with the use of synthetic pesticides. Therefore, you can consume non-GMO products and still eat foods that have been grown with toxic pesticides linked to serious diseases such as lymphoma or leukemia.

Non-GMO products may also contain a specific herbicide, the glyphosate, which has been linked to many diseases, such as kidney disease, breast cancer and autoimmune and other neurological disorders. On the contrary, no organic product ever contains this specific herbicide, making this food category much safer for our health.

Toxic hexane, that is used to extract oils [canola, soybean, corn], can be found among others in many soy products, and though no one has studied the residue from consuming these products, we do know that industrial exposure in toxic hexane has been linked with brain tumors and nerve damage. Though these ingredients are not prohibited to non-GMO products they are banned from most organic products.

Apart from our and our beloved ones health, another great reason to consume only organic foods is to help our system retain its figure without becoming overweight. Many chemicals also known as obesogens can be found in many products [antibiotics, pesticides etc.] and their main purpose it to trigger our bodies to store fat. Therefore, another great way to watch our weight and our total health is to buy organic products that lack these ingredients.

While our best solution is to consume only organic foods, we should still read the ingredients description in every product since organic does NOT always mean healthy. Remember that organic foods can still be fried and contain sugar. By reading them you can find out some unnecessary additives that can also be avoided.  Moreover, in case you find any kind of carrageenan it is best to avoid the specific product. Animal studies have shown that it is responsible for many types of cancer.

Since research is always evolving and new facts come to the light in a daily basis, we should always try to find the healthiest solution for us and the people we most care about. The search of the best products to consume is never ending but it rewards us with health and prosperity.

Best of Health,

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