Bored of your diet routine?

You have gone on a diet and the results are quite promising. One kilogram is lost after another and now you know the way weight gradually decreases. The nutritional program you are following has also proven to be very good since it manages to activate your metabolism and provide you with satisfactory weight loss. Where is the problem then?

The truth is that a diet routine hampers the continuation of a nutritional program. Eating the same old thing over and over causes us to get bored and tired, both physically and mentally. That is why many people find it difficult to stay on a diet and remain loyal in front of delicious, hypercaloric temptations. But how can we avoid such an unpleasant development?

Avoiding routine in Nutrition

There are small but miraculous secrets, which you can apply in your daily diet. This way, you can follow your diet pleasantly without deviating from it:

  • Play with the flavors: Try new combinations and experiment with different textures, colorful material, various flavors. Instead of just green, your salad can be dominated by a color combination of purple, red and yellow. Our eye has to be satisfied and enjoy the food before our palate does!
  • Make intelligent changes: Tired of eating a plain low fat yogurt every night? Why not try to sprinkle cinnamon and stevia on it or add nuts and honey? Even better, why don’t you add your favorite spices and accompany it with vegetable sticks? You can do the same with classic toast, which you can convert into a delicious snack or a light meal. Simply choose different lean meats, sauces and vegetables every time. Alternatively, try pitas or wholemeal tortillas or even lettuce leaves instead of bread!
  • Water? And more!: Surely water is a key factor in our diet. But the rule of 2 liters of water daily can sometimes tire us. To entice ourselves to consume enough water daily, there are many tricks that can be applied. Slices of lemon, orange or even cucumber, mixed with soda water or some herbal tea, basil or mint are a few secrets that give water much flavor.
  • The rule of the week: Even if you like to faithfully follow a routine in your life (and therefore in your diet), activate the rule of the week. This means that no meals or snacks are allowed to be consumed for longer than a week at a time. If you already had oatmeal for breakfast throughout the week, it’s time to find something different that is convenient and consistent with your diet. Try an omelet, quinoa or whole grains, yogurt with fruit and nuts or a low calorie cake.

If you let your imagination create alternative meals and snacks, you will see that you won’t get tired at any stage of the diet. Everything is a matter of planning, dedication and systematic effort. Love many different foods that are suitable for the duration of your diet and experiment with various combinations!

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