Busy But Healthy: Meet Rebecka Eden, an entrepreneur’s inspiring story of helping others

1 . Name/Surname: Rebecka Eden

2. You are a successful Motivational Speaker. How did you decide to work in this field?
Apart from Motivational Speaker, I am also a Model & Writer. Motivational speaking forms only one aspect of what I do. The speaking just happened organically when I began to help others by drawing on the traumatic experiences that I have endured and survived, including the very extensive and life-changing cancer treatment that I received. Through my writing, many people would contact me asking for life coaching advice or how to manage a stressful situation, or how to cope with body image issues, survive serious medical treatment or traumatic life events. Others just wanted to know how I had managed to survive or achieve things and asked me how they could develop the same skills and I realised that I had seemingly very useful knowledge to share.  My speaking style is a little different in that I have a soft and soothing approach.

3. What do you mostly like in your job?
I enjoy helping others in the respect of seeing a beneficial shift in their thinking and helping them manage their lives more optimally, especially if someone has endured some sort of traumatic event, as I am able to completely understand the effect this has had on them physically and emotionally, or if a person wants to move forward in their life but doesn’t know how to.

4.Why did you decide to improve your nutrition habits?
Largely due to my original sports medicine and fitness training, I have always eaten very healthily, with vegetables and plant foods forming most of my nutrition as I have been a vegetarian for most of my adult life. I strongly believe that my diet helped me to survive my cancer treatment – I used my own method of building my body up prior to my treatment through my diet by consuming more foods containing nutrients that act as blood builders and help to strengthen the immune system. So it was really my cancer treatment that made me fully appreciate the benefits of wholesome nutrition and because of this I made a conscious effort to improve on any little weak areas – like my sweet tooth.

5. How would you describe your diet in one day?
As the effects of my cancer treatment resulted in health problems such as Lymphoedema, my nutrition has to support keeping my body functioning at it’s best.Typically, a smoothie or yogurt for breakfast, avocado on wholemeal toast for lunch, lean soya protein with broccoli and peppers and rice for dinner. Eating healthily is easy for me as I loathe junk foods but I struggle with avoiding chocolate, though I could not eat a lot of it at once. Mostly I only drink mineral water but I like to add slices of lemon or lime.

6. In your opinion, in which way can a busy woman keep herself healthy and in shape?
Though it can be annoying to mention work-life balance, it is a very real part of life. However, in most cases it is the individual perception of stress that is the overriding factor in successfully managing it. What I find when many people speak to me about this problem is that they have simply got their priorities wrong. Seeking ways of re-evaluating priorities is a very good way to enable us to more effectively overcome stress. Also, some people feel that they don’t have the time to set aside for exercise or to prepare a nutritious meal, but I encourage people to think of this time as an investment in their future health and wellbeing.

7. Could you give us the top 3 changes you have made to your diet for energy and wellness?
1 – Consistency – I have always tended to eat meals infrequently, which affects energy levels later in the day, so I have had to work on this.

2 – In recent years, I completely cut out sodas and now I no longer like the taste of them. It sounds so boring and simple, but keeping the body hydrated with lots of pure clean water leads to optimal kidney function which in turn really contributes to overall wellbeing.

3 – Adding a little of the good kind of fats, such as those contained in avocados, has really helped to balance my energy levels as the effects of my cancer treatment can make me very tired, so the correct nutrition can help in this respect.

8.What kind of advice would you give to a busy woman who would like to change her relationship  with food and improve her body and health?
To prompt change in the relationship with food, if this is an area that one is struggling with, I would say: don’t think of it as a diet – think nutrition. When we think of food as nourishment for the body and wellbeing it then changes our perception of it. I have seen that just this tip alone can sometimes be enough to prompt some women out of the yo-yo diet cycle.

Be sensible about carbs. I don’t believe in carb-free diets and feel that only refined carbohydrates can be problamatic. For example, rice and potatoes can be eaten looking exactly as they are harvested – but there are no pasta trees, so only carbohydrates like bread and pasta should be kept to a minimum. When we consider that a potato contains vitamins B and C and many minerals but is very low in calories, it seems quite ridiculous to deem such a food to be somehow bad for us. Also, what many personal trainers don’t educate on is that the sexes have different nutritional needs – for example young women require additional levels of nutrients such as iron to support reproductive health. Womens’ nutritional needs also vary throughout their lives according to pregnancy and hormone levels so it is vital that these areas are addressed.

I also believe in ‘beauty foods’. Throughout my adult life I have been complimented on my extremely long hair and how I look younger than I am but now, following my extensive cancer treatment, others can be quite amazed by this. I have on occasion been asked my advice by high-profile women on how to cultivate beautiful skin and hair. They are sometimes shocked when I say that the answer does not lie in botox, hair extensions or similar – I personally dislike such things and have never used them. Instead, I completely embrace the correct nutrition – in conjuction with good lifestyle habits –  to support healthy, youthful skin and hair. There are many foods that are wonderful for this, from avocados to broccoli. I would advise to consider the effects that the foods we eat can have on our looks and the appearance of the body.

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Rebecka Eden: Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Philanthropist, Model, Writer

E-mail: RebeckaMotivational@gmail.com


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