Busy But Healthy: Nasia Charalambous – A sexy belly dancer who embraces femininity through healthy eating and dancing

  1. Name/Surname: Nasia Charalambous
  2. You are a successful Belly Dance Teacher. How did you decide to work in this field?
    My love for dancing started at a young age since I was experimenting for many years with different kinds of dance, but my love for belly dance started at the age of 16. Belly dance is a quite special kind of dance and is technically difficult. In addition, I have a bachelor’s degree in ‘Marketing & Advertising’ and during my studies, I decided to start teaching belly dance.Because of that, I have managed to have my own pupils at a young age. After my studies and returning back to Cyprus I started working in what I have studied for a while but my love for belly dance never stopped. On the contrary, it became even more intense and as a result, I now own a dance school in Limassol for the last 5 years, where I teach only this kind of dance.
  3. What do you mostly like in your job?
    The most important part is that I managed to make my hobby my full time job which is something difficult in our days. But what I like the most is that I socialize with people and children all the time and I create choreographies for them. I am always trying to motivate them to pursue their goals and dreams while at the same time, staying humble and down to earth.
  4. Why did you decide to improve your nutrition habits?
    I lost a lot of weight at some point but with the wrong way since my nutrition was very poor. As a result I couldn’t concentrate on my work and daily rhythms. This is how I decided to visit Anna, start eating properly, more balanced and mindful.
  5. How would you describe your diet in one day?
    My diet now has changed a lot, small, nutritious frequent meals have helped me a lot with my working hours and my body has started to function properly again. My daily nutrition is completely customized and easily adjusted to my busy schedule.
  6. In your opinion, in which way can a busy woman keep herself healthy and in shape?
    I believe that everything is a matter of good timing. With the proper motivational program, we can make our everyday life easier, having the desired result every woman dreams of. In order to do this, we have to stay focus on our nutrition plan, since without effort nothing is feasible.
  7. Could you give us the top 3 changes you have made to your diet for energy and wellness?
    As I have mentioned above, eating small nutritious meals every two hours has helped me keep my body functioning properly. Last but not least, a lot of fresh fruits have been now added to my daily diet, and this gives me more energy to continue my day with a smile.
  8. What kind of advice would you give to a busy woman who would like to change her relationship with food and improve her body and health?
    Every woman must love and accept her body as she is, but a good diet and daily exercise routine whether it is dance or training, will definitely help her feel better in her body. That doesn’t mean that we all have to be skinny or totally fit. All that matters is to be healthy, curvy and not cross the lines. 


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