What can we eat that is healthy while watching football?

What can we eat that is healthy while watching football?

Exciting football matches and all sorts of global events for sports fans are available all year long. Especially in the summer, tournaments and sporting thrills take the lion’s share of our entertainment. What’s better than watching your favorite team or supporting the athletes of your country with good company? A danger that lies under such situations, is dietary exaggeration. Our culture has created certain stereotypes regarding the consumption of certain foods during a match.

Although athletes promote a healthy diet, that’s not the case with the viewers. All products consumed in the stadium or in cafes and bars offering sporting events are extremely fatty, hyper-caloric and unhealthy. Potato chips, nachos, burgers and chips, fatty sauces and other fried finger foods have won the heart of every fan. Also, ordering fast food (e.g. pizza) and savory snacks at home often outweigh the healthy cooked food choices that someone might have throughout the rest of the week.

So is depriving ourselves from friends, watching TV and all sporting events that excite us the solution? Of course not!

With proper planning, we can combine the taste and convenience, with healthy eating. Let’s see what we can choose to enjoy every match with delicious and nutritious food:

  • Vegetables cut into sticks are the ideal solution for all the fans. When you want something crispy and easy, try a platter full of colorful vegetables such as carrot, celery, cucumber, peppers and accompany them with a soft yogurt sauce or a little guacamole.
  • Popcorn is also a healthy snack and does not lack in taste or convenience. Whether you make or buy ready-made popcorn, it is a much better choice than potato chips and other similar snacks, unless you make your own potato chips in the oven.
  • You can also try skewers, preferably with vegetables and chicken. However, if you prepare the skewers, you can experiment with mushrooms, turkey, fish, tomatoes and onions. Why not combine the gathering of friends with a delicious barbecue?
  • If you want something crunchy, which you can eat by hand and enjoy to the fullest in every bite, meatballs are the ultimate choice! If you are tired of the classic recipe for meatballs, try chickpea, tomato, zucchini, etc. Meatballs with chicken meat are also a good food choice with less fat.
  • Unsalted nuts and seeds might be a practical solution. However, you should not forget that they contain many calories. So, reduce the quantity and choose to consume other foods as well, before you “stick” your hands in a bowl of nuts.
  • For lovers of exotic flavors, there are spring rolls of vegetables that you can try. Spring rolls from the oven have great flavor and no excess oil which makes them one of the best choices for a delicious snack during a match.

As you can see, there are many options. Depending on your preferences, you can try one of the snacks mentioned in our article and enjoy the thrills of the match with your friends. You won’t be deprived of anything, neither in taste nor pleasure – you will only be deprived of unneeded fat and unnecessary calories!


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