How can water help me lose weight?

How can water help me lose weight?

Water is essential for weight loss. This is why nutritionists insist to increase water consumption, with any eating plan each one follows. We all know that water is beneficial for the body. Indeed, very often is referred as the elixir of life. Unfortunately, many people drink much less water on a daily basis.

Why shall I drink more water?

The radical change in our habits regarding on how much water we drink will benefits us, because the water provides plenty benefits to the organism. Let’s see some of them, in order to give an extra incentive to effort in:

  • With enough water consumption, the thermogenic state is promoted which means that the metabolism is being increased. If it is working more intensively, the fat burning will be greater.
  • Water provides efficient moisture of the body. This means that our skin automatically appears brighter while the cells will be regenerated more easily and effectively.
  • Sometimes we feel hungry when in fact we are thirsty. With adequate water intake, thirst covered and therefore our appetite significantly is being reduced.
  • Water helps digestion, strengthening our digestive system.
  • By drinking water, helps us burn more calories. As a result with the same diet we would have greater weight loss if we drink more water.
  • If we increase the consumption of water the other liquid consumption in our body will be limited respectively. (many of them contain plenty calories.)

Tips for proper water consumption:

Of course it is not possible to start drinking 2 liters of water daily while previously we used to drink only 1-2 cups. However, these are some tips that will help us in our effort to increase the water we drink easily and firmly.

  • Use a straw. So you can drink more water without understanding it.
  • Fill a bottle that fits 1 liter and try to fill it once in the day. It is much easier to consume the water so the day than to constantly fill a glass.
  • The water ideally should be at room temperature.
  • If you do not like water at all, you can try to add some flavor. This is done by adding a slice of lemon, orange or any other fruit. Alternatively, you can add slices of cucumber or mint leaves.
  • The carbonated water can be a very good alternative solution.
  • To complete the recommended 2 liters of water (liquids generally), you can also drink herbal tea. Naturally, you should be careful sweeteners and ideally should drink any liquid sugar.
  • Lukewarm water with half a lemon or orange juice is a mixture, in which you could start the day.

Have I Cover My Needs for Water?

Not sure that you have covered your daily needs for water? One very simple way is to observe your urine. If you drink enough water, then your urine will be clear and without any characteristic odor. Otherwise, one more glass of water is needed!


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