New Year’s Resolutions: LOSE WEIGHT

At some point we all have thought that our choices regarding health and diet are not optimal. As a result, many decide to radically change these choices and they do it from one day to another. Usually, the upcoming New Year, or a particular day that marks the beginning of a new period is ideal […]

Why Are We So Stressed this Holiday Season?

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The holidays are certainly emotionally charged and this often has a negative impact on our eating habits. Emotional overeating is one of the dangers we face during the holidays. Whether we rush to complete all of our obligations before going home to celebrate with our loved ones, or if we can’t attend the festive table […]

How not to gain weight this Christmas

Every Christmas we all gather around the holiday table and indulge in an unprecedented feast. Is it the homemade pies and the stuffed turkey that make us keep eating even when we are full? Are sweets, cookies and hot chocolate so irresistible that they make us forget the measure and the efforts of a whole […]

How to (healthily) thrive at the Christmas table

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To many, good nutrition and the Christmas dinner seem to cancel each other out. However it should be possible and even easy to make a nutritious meal that is a pleasure to share with friends and family. Here are a few tips to help you make your holiday meals healthy ones too.