How to break free from guilt and start enjoying what you eat.

How to accept food as a source of enjoyment and pleasure: Food is splendid and it’s ok to feel pleasure from eating or drinking it. In fact, if you start eating foods that you genuinely enjoy, you will notice that you will eat less overall because you’re not left obsessing over the food you really […]

The top 10 superfoods you can eat right now

The top 10 super foods you can eat right now

Most people assume that all fruits and veggies are equally beneficial to our health. However, this is not the case. Of course, anything within this category is nutritious and therefore you should enjoy guilt-free. But there are some fruits and vegetables that are amazing for your health and wellness.

Foods to avoid while pregnant

Foods to avoid while pregnant

Pregnancy can be daunting, especially when it comes to diet. In the past, there have been several misconceptions as to which foods are allowed during pregnancy and which are of limits. On the bright side, nowadays things have got a lot clearer and there are only few restrictions. But these restrictions can prove serious. We […]

How to manage daily cravings

How to manage daily cravings

Do you have constant cravings on unhealthy foods and snacks or foods that shouldn’t be on your nutrition program? Thankfully, there is a scientific explanation and therefore you can find the way to be successful, without having to indulge to this desire.

How to Fight Nighttime Cravings

Are you worried about how are you going to fight your night cravings for food? Are you wondering why this is the most dangerous time of your day while you have been resisting all day long? There is no doubt that night time is the most dangerous time of the day when it comes to […]

What to eat for healthy teeth?

What to eat for healthy teeth?

It is disheartening that most of the snacks that we wish to eat are harmful to our teeth. Although we all know what we should not eat, are beneficial snacks equally known to us? For a bright smile, there are certain snacks that will help us out and offer us great assistance. So here is […]

The most common diet questions

In addition to the previous article as for the answers to the most common questions related to healthy diet, you will find below other useful information.

What is the best time to consume your protein?


There is no doubt that when you are exercising and adding extra protein to your daily nutrition, it has an immediate effect on your muscle mass and your overall strength. There are many personal trainers and athletes that recommend a protein supplement, right after your daily workout.

Foods to Avoid for Vibrant, White Teeth

One of the most successful beauty and wellness tips in the world is of course the use of lemon infused water in the morning. Many celebrities swear that they have seen great improvement in their health and looks, simply because they start their day with this miraculous beverage.