The truth about aspartame

Many people feel bad about having to quit their bad habits altogether. Sodas and refreshments definitely make it to the top, when it comes to dietary vices. And it sounds really bad that they get deprived of such enjoyment in food. Especially when there are alternatives, even if it’s just another “diet trend” or another […]

Lettuce: What is its nutritional value?

In the world of vegetables, there are those that attract all attention and others that are left there, a little underestimated. If we had to categorize lettuce and specifically iceberg lettuce, it would certainly qualify for the latter. Many people find themselves in a difficult position, almost a dilemma, between choosing to eat lettuce because […]

The top 10 superfoods you can eat right now

The top 10 super foods you can eat right now

Most people assume that all fruits and veggies are equally beneficial to our health. However, this is not the case. Of course, anything within this category is nutritious and therefore you should enjoy guilt-free. But there are some fruits and vegetables that are amazing for your health and wellness.

How to manage daily cravings

How to manage daily cravings

Do you have constant cravings on unhealthy foods and snacks or foods that shouldn’t be on your nutrition program? Thankfully, there is a scientific explanation and therefore you can find the way to be successful, without having to indulge to this desire.

How do drinks and beverages block our weight loss attempts?

How do drinks and beverages block our weight loss attempts?

Over the last years the consumption of beverages has been significantly increased. This has resulted on many people replacing the water with these. There is a large variety of beverages to choose from: sodas, juices with fruits or vegetables, tea, coffee, milk and sweet beverages such as milkshakes and popsicles.

Foods that enhance brain function

Foods that enhance brain function

If you are struggling with your memory on a daily basis, in order to remember things that you should have known, then you may need to change your diet. The truth is that your brain needs food, just like the rest of your body. Therefore, you don’t have to panic over these slight memory loses […]

What is the best time to consume your protein?


There is no doubt that when you are exercising and adding extra protein to your daily nutrition, it has an immediate effect on your muscle mass and your overall strength. There are many personal trainers and athletes that recommend a protein supplement, right after your daily workout.

3 Signs That Prove That You Are Dehydrated

 You can ask any dietician or personal trainer about the severe effects of dehydration in your body. Most likely he will be very strict and direct with the adequate amount of water that you have to drink per day. We all need water for the best operation of our system, both men and women.

Honey Baked Salmon

This quick low-calorie salmon recipe will solve your “what’s for dinner” problem once and for all! Sweet and nutritious this dish is ready in just 15 minutes.

Help! Why am I hungry all the time?

We have all been carried away some time in our lives, consuming a lot more food than what we ought to. Overeating is closely related to psychology, even though there are many other factors that enhance such an attitude. Most frequently, we wake up in the middle of the night and crave for something to […]