How to organize your meals for the week

We all want to have more free time, so as to enjoy a nice coffee with our friends or some quiet time with a book in our hands. However, finding more time is getting more and more difficult, with all these activities throughout our daily routine.

Super Spring Salad

And here’s another nutritious salad recipe for you from my blogger friend Ashlee Rowland from  Simplholistic. Let’s head over to Simplholistic to find more delicious, healthy recipes!

Spring Cleansing – Guest Blogger: Ashlee Rowland

Today we have a lovely guest post from Ashlee Rowland, a certified Nutrition Consultant and blogger of simplholistic. Ashlee shares with us her favorite ‘Spring Cleansing Caesar Salad’  which has tons of beauty-boosting ingredients ideal for clear skin and plant based proteins for post-workout recovery.

Protein: Are you getting enough?

Anna Cortesi Blog

A common dietary dilemma is that you may be trying to cut back on high-fat products that are rich in protein, especially plant-based-protein-rich foods like seeds and nuts, but it is doing you no favors if you are trying to adopt a healthier nutritious plan.

Eating disorders: Helping the victims

A distorted image of the body is seemingly common with individuals suffering anorexia, which means, they tend to see a huge person in the mirror instead of an ideal body. This usually occurs out of various cognitive distortions suffered. It can also be a cause of BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorders, in which the mind […]