How to develop a healthier relationship with food. 

How to develop a healthier relationship with food.  Whether you want to accept it or not your relationship with food is permanent and long term. Having a healthy relationship with food can benefit your health and your life in ways you never knew it could. Investing in building strong foundations for this relationship to grow […]

How to live a little more by exploring your creativity in the kitchen!

How to live a little more by exploring your creativity in the kitchen! Test your creativity in the kitchen and you will be amazed by the wonders your hands can make. So, tap into your kitchen and get in touch with the artistic side of yourself. Alternatively, you may connect with your inner mathematician and […]

How can I identify a milk intolerance?

How can I identify a milk intolerance_

Several people suffer from intolerances, when it comes to milk and dairy. However, such issues should not be confused and misinterpreted as one. For example, being lactose intolerant is a lot different from having intolerance in milk protein. The latter has become a trend over the past few years, since great attention has been brought […]

Lettuce: What is its nutritional value?

In the world of vegetables, there are those that attract all attention and others that are left there, a little underestimated. If we had to categorize lettuce and specifically iceberg lettuce, it would certainly qualify for the latter. Many people find themselves in a difficult position, almost a dilemma, between choosing to eat lettuce because […]

How to overcome emotional overeating

How to overcome emotional overeating

We have all been carried away some time in our lives, consuming a lot more food than what we ought to. Overeating is closely related to psychology, even though there are many other factors that enhance such an aptitude. Most frequently, we wake up in the middle of the night and crave for something to […]

Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, every woman has increased dietary needs. However, for many years there have been misinterpretations as to the actual needs of the pregnant woman. As a result, overeating and wrong choices of meals and snacks can lead to discomfort or health problems to the mom to be.

7 Practical Nutrition Tips for Our Children

7 Practical Nutrition Tips for Our Children

It is important to know how to offer our children good and quality food, avoiding any kind of exaggeration. Without depriving the children of different delicacies, we should work towards and promote a healthy diet.  Let’s have a look at 7 practical tips to help us stick to our goal:

What is the best time to consume your protein?


There is no doubt that when you are exercising and adding extra protein to your daily nutrition, it has an immediate effect on your muscle mass and your overall strength. There are many personal trainers and athletes that recommend a protein supplement, right after your daily workout.

Foods to Avoid for Vibrant, White Teeth

One of the most successful beauty and wellness tips in the world is of course the use of lemon infused water in the morning. Many celebrities swear that they have seen great improvement in their health and looks, simply because they start their day with this miraculous beverage.