How To Lose The “Quarantine” Weight Effectively

If you want to lose the quarantine weight fast, it is important to understand that the first 2-3 kilos may be lost in a short time after you start paying attention to your diet, but in order to continue having positive and healthy results, you should try to focus on a balanced diet that will improve your metabolism, body composition and your overall well-being in a realistic and sustainable way.

Digestive Ulcer and Nutrition

Digestive ulcer is a chronic disease that makes the daily lives of those suffering from it very difficult. Often the problem is exacerbated by eating, as opposed to other ulcers that a patient may experience. Of course, the correct diagnosis of peptic ulcer can only be completed by gastroscopy. As for its causes, they vary and include acidic food consumption, prolonged anxiety, […]

Childhood Obesity and the Role of the Dietitian

Many times the phenomenon of childhood obesity tends to be ignored in the family. In particular, parents are resting on the belief that their child will grow taller and lose  their unnecessary weight will disappear without any effort on their part. However, if the child is obese, it is not just wishes and hopes that with growth the child will achieve the ideal weight automatically. Therefore, it is necessary to have a targeted partnership with a professional who is thoroughly familiar […]

Iron and Fiber in the Prevention of Diseases

Many diseases are due to heredity and so, no matter how we try, we cannot escape the identity of our genes. However, proper nutrition and good health can benefit us and make us face any difficulty.

Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most loving (and costly) celebrations in the world because of the intensity of people’s overflowing emotions. Loving couples find just another reason to come closer and give an extra meaning to their love (or day). As we all know, love goes through the stomach first. Therefore, we must go for foods that to have a lot of fragrances, flavors and textures, dishes full of imagination and […]

Nutritional Trends and their Dangers

Oh so many fad diets out there, that I don’t know which to pick for this article. Many people are in a hurry to taste the brand new fads out there, and they are even welcome these delicious innovations. However, a little later something new is again being seen in the public domain, and then […]

Balanced Nutrition as a Tradition

It is important to know that our children are greatly influenced by our eating habits. So, even if we make sure that we provide them with healthy food choices, it is necessary for us to also adopt them. This is the right way to keep our child nourished throughout his or her life. However, although […]

Are Weekends Destroying Your Diet?

For the majority of people, weekends are days of relaxation. At the young age of school-going children and after-school students, this can be said to be a given, with the difference that they have to deal with their readings over the weekend.

Sulfur Sensitivity: What to Have in Mind

In the vast majority of people, sulfites do not cause any problems. This means that people can enjoy a glass of red wine and feel no unpleasant effects on their body. Sensitivity to sulphites can be detected through a special test and reveals much about our good health. If you think you might be one […]

Iron Deficiency: What are the Symptoms?

Lack of iron can cause many problems to our body. Therefore, those of us who do not get the recommended amount of iron daily, might have symptoms that they need to understand and deal with immediately. Otherwise, iron deficiency can lead to even more serious health problems. Of course, your doctor or dietitian can recommend […]