Cooking Oils to Avoid

Contrary to what you may know by now, cooking oils may be extremely unhealthy and some cooking oils might be misleading as to their properties. They might be considered as healthy food choices and yet they can cause serious health problems to people. Refined cooking oils seem at first glance healthy, being light in texture and with much fewer calories. However, the long-term effect of these cooking oils to people’s health is likely to be catastrophic.

One of the most important harmful substances that can be found in most seemingly healthy oils, such as soybean oil, is neurotoxin hexane. This is an inexpensive by-product of gasoline and it is of course not the ideal food choice. Toxic pollutants released from hexane are poisonous and can even cause death to people. Although neurotoxin hexane is greatly observed in industries with the respective studies concentrating on the risk deriving from its inhalation, it is also an unhealthy food option.

Another factor that determines the nutritional value and quality of cooking oils is the processing method followed for their production. In the case of olive oil, for example, the process of cold pressing is followed. As a result, olive oil is produced as naturally as possible and is not influenced by excessive heat, or by any other external factor that alters the final product. In the case of most low-cost and light cooking oils, however, the process of cold pressing is not preferred. Cost is very high and as a result producers have turned to more affordable alternative options.

Heat and chemicals added in the processing of oil production, however, have resulted in the alteration of the final product. Cooking oils following such processing methods have actually been derived from most of their nutrients and in many cases these substances have been replaced by harmful components.

So are you wondering which cooking oils you should avoid because of their lack of nutrients and their abundance of harmful substances? Check out these cooking oils right below!


Unhealthy Cooking Oils

Canola oil is a particularly dangerous type of cooking oil for humans, because it contains trans fats and it is also closely associated with a number of health problems. The main goal of its processing is to maximize production and not to optimize the overall quality of the final product. Soybean oil is also a vegetable oil derived from genetically modified raw materials. Even though it is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, these ingredients in overabundance may cause health problems. The same happens in the case of corn oil, which may also offer elevated omega-6 fatty acids and might come from genetically modified products.

Healthy Cooking Oils

Of course the best oil option to use in our diet and cooking process is extra virgin olive oil, which comes from cold pressing. However, there are other types of cooking oil that have been proven healthy choices for our table. Sesame oil and coconut oil are also useful options that can be added to food, without any hesitation and without any compromise in taste!

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