Why do we crave sugar after a meal?

Why do we crave sugar after a meal?

 It often seems strange that, even though we have already consumed a full, hearty meal, yet we are still looking for sugar in all its forms. How often do you get the craving for dessert, immediately after a hearty meal? Is it normal to feel that way or can we prevent it? The truth is that the need for dessert has various causes and we will try to outline some of them in this article. Watch your habits and take care of yourself, so you can get rid of this constant desire for sweets. But how?

The first thing you have to do is acknowledge your wrong moves during the day. Is the way you eat ideal to avoid the desire for sweets? Maybe years of a habit keeps you away from your goal, which is a healthy diet? Let’s go through some of the causes together, which tantalize your desire for sweets:

You haven’t eaten enough or have consumed the wrong foods in your meal.

This is a major cause, which results in the desire for dessert. If you haven’t received the proper amount of energy through your food to continue, it is normal that your body will crave an additional quantity of sugar. Sugar provides energy and therefore your reaction is justified. Also, you might have consumed a large amount of artificial sweeteners. This enhances your desire for sweet, rather than calms it. The wrong foods can therefore intensify the cravings for sugar and dessert.

This is what you are used to.

The force of habit is really huge. Therefore, if you are used to consuming a full-fat sweet dessert after every meal, it is very difficult to get away from this habit. Unfortunately, some activities turn into habits and thus have been associated with the consumption of desserts and snacks with no nutritional value. Night work is often followed by eating chocolate and sweet coffee, while watching a broadcast on TV usually requires the consumption of unhealthy snacks.

You have consumed many carbohydrates without protein and fat.

Here underlies another dietary trap. Some of our food choices lead to strengthening our sense of hunger, rather than settling it. So if you eat a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce and lots of cheese, it is certain that you will soon want something sweet. The reason? You haven’t consumed enough protein and therefore you haven’t given your body the opportunity to feel saturated. So you always have to combine each meal with a form of protein.

You have consumed too much salt.

Excessively salty foods can cause a burning desire for sweet. Excess salt is extremely unhealthy for our body and therefore must be avoided at all costs. If for some reason you consume a very salty food, make sure to sufficiently hydrate and customize your next meals accordingly. Salty snacks should be avoided and instead you should try more natural food choices to adjust the sugar consumption respectively.


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