Digestive Ulcer and Nutrition

Digestive ulcer is a chronic disease that makes the daily lives of those suffering from it very difficult. Often the problem is exacerbated by eating, as opposed to other ulcers that a patient may experience. Of course, the correct diagnosis of peptic ulcer can only be completed by gastroscopy. As for its causes, they vary and include acidic food consumptionprolonged anxiety, smoking and the consumption of extensive medication. 

Recent studies in the field of medicine that aimed to find the perfect diet for digestive ulcers have shown that the adoption of a healthy diet away from extremes can be the best cure. Below, we will look at some of the tips that those who suffer from peptic ulcers are urged to adhere to improve their daily lives: 

  •   Consume small meals:Don’tburden your stomach with heavy meals. Therefore, it would be ideal to eat just a little at regular times. This way, you will not squeeze your stomach during digestion and create problems related to the sugar levels in your body.  
  • Before bedtime, eat light:Beforeyou fall asleep, be sure to consume easy digestible foods and not inflate your stomach unnecessarily. So you should not eat for at least 1 hour before going to bed. 
  • Avoid fried, fatty and spicy foods: It is important to know which foods are most detrimental toyour stomach. These include thick sauces and fried foods, pre-processed foods and spicy foods.
  • Reduce the consumption of acidic foods: Even if you particularly like lemon, you should stillbe careful when youconsume it. The same goes with vinegar, since acidic foods affect digestion negatively. 
  • Avoidcoffee,high caffeine soft drinks and chocolate: Unfortunately, such foods exacerbate the already existing problem in your stomach due to the caffeine they contain. 
  • Avoid alcohol, especially without eatingfirst.

 Can I Get Rid of Digestive Ulcers? 

Although peptic ulcers are considered chronic disease, you can greatly improve your life and reduce the incidence of suffering. To achieve this, in addition to the tips mentioned above, you need to adjust yourself to a moderate daily life away from stress and quit smoking. Apart from that, calm and sufficient sleep and gentle exercise almost daily help to balance your body. If you like, you can also try some relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation. Gradually, you will notice a significant change in the way you feel and therefore in the quality of your digestive system. 

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