Discovering New Tastes In Our Diet

Discovering New Tastes In Our Diet

 It is very important to feel satisfied with our daily diet, without having the belief that we are missing out on something. To achieve this, however, it is essential to adopt new gastronomy rules and broaden our culinary horizons. In other words, it is necessary to find new ways of enjoying the same foods. This is the only way to avoid getting tired of meal repetitions. This is a key element in any diet plan and guarantees that we will be happy with our diet every single day.

Are there ways to “bring life” to our foods and turn them into real delicacies? Of course! Below are some examples of foods, get ideas on how all the foods can obtain special glow and unique taste!


Yogurt is a very important food for everyone. But, if you plan to eat yogurt in the same form every night, chances are that you will come to loathe it. Conversely, we can try variations of yogurt and pleasantly surprise our palates. Yogurt, add dill, pepper and cucumber, a pinch of salt and spices of your choice. This will be a delicious dip for your vegetables. Alternatively, the yogurt may be mixed with garlic and vegetables, mustard powder and other spices. As a dessert, our choices are innumerable. Try grated apple with cinnamon and raisins, or add dark chocolate with orange. Put honey, cereals and dried fruits or enjoy as part of a refreshing smoothie with fruits.


Tired of classic toast with whole meal bread, lean turkey and cheese low in fat? Well, we have great news for you! Try a sandwich with grilled vegetables or add guacamole, hummus or tzatziki to your toast. Experiment with textures and add grated almonds or walnuts, sunflower seeds or whole wheat croutons. Get different meats without fat e.g. chicken, or make a sandwich with tuna salad, salmon or shrimp. Even with a dose of sauce for pizza and a few simple ingredients (basil, tomato, olives), you will have a magical effect.

Tips for your meals

Be sure to try the cayenne pepper and paprika to give a more intense, spicy character to your dishes. Even the boiled chicken is much tastier with the addition of mustard powder, a mixture of spices for meats or spices of the East. Also, the juice and lemon zest do wonders in food. Do not forget to add a little lemon to relish each food. Finally, it is important that you taste the food in balance with nature. So if you want a change in your menu, try mushrooms instead of meat. Sauté them or fill them with vegetables and feta cheese before they are baked in the oven. Try lettuce leaves as a means to wrap various fillings, without being charged with the calories of bread and pastry. Experiment with fruit in cooking and exotic flavors, full of memories and nostalgia.

Cooking is an art and it’s worth taking a little extra time at each meal, so that the results surprise you every day and therefore you never get bored of your diet.

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