How to Easily Maintain Your Silhouette during the Summer holidays

How to Easily Maintain Your Silhouette during the Summer holidays

During summer everyone relaxes a little more, whether we are at work or prepare for our summer vacation. The temperature rises and the urge to relax is a natural consequence. Instead of the severity of winter months, we prefer the relaxed, stress-free summer days. Our mood improves, we smile more often and we long for walks with friends. However, as idyllic as this backdrop may seem, the truth is that a significant risk lurks in this relaxation. There is danger that lies in excessive relaxation in relation to our diet.

It is a pity to spoil everything we built laboriously during the winter, just because we get caught up in holiday excesses. That is why we propose a program to reduce the negative effects of the summer holidays on our bodies and therefore in our psychology.

How to stay away from excesses during Summer

There are three rules in relation to the summer months. If you commit to faithfully follow them you will see that you won’t regret your summer tranquility and rejuvenation. So let’s see these rules:

  1. You choose which days you will succumb to dietary temptations that surround you. If you yearn so much for a large, refreshing ice cream, you can have it because you can choose to consume small quantities daily or a larger amount e.g. 1 cup once a week. You can’t wait to taste tropical cocktails by the sea? Choose some of the days of your holiday and offer this pleasure to yourself. Don’t overdo it though!
  2. Second, follow the “rule of one”. This means that you can give into a temptation, but only in one. Do not overdo it with the appetizer, the main dish and the dessert during the same meal. This would have very unpleasant consequences for your waistline and particularly if repeated often during the summer. Instead, choose a dessert that you haven’t had for a long time and enjoy it without guilt, since you have consumed the rest of your food in moderation.
  3. Finally, make sure not to go out hungry. Even if you arranged to go out to eat, a lifesaving solution is to eat something before going out. But be careful not to overdo it. A small meal of about 200 calories is what you need. It will keep you full enough so you do not give into all the unhealthy menu choices. By eating something small you don’t risk spoiling your appetite at all!

No one can argue that our summer holidays and our excursions in the countryside are not idyllic. But they hide many dietary temptations so you have to be extremely careful. It is not enough just to enjoy the holidays and the pleasant, relaxed mood. It is important to take care of our diet, choosing healthy foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, choose between delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish, so you can enjoy every meal and stay in control.

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