What Do My Food Cravings Mean?

We have all experienced food cravings maybe more than a few times over a week. But what exactly is that and when should we pay more attention in what our body is telling us?

In order to try and understand what food cravings may really mean, we have to categorize each emotion in order to try and find its root.

If you are craving for healthy fats like avocados, nuts, seeds and nut butters, it may indicate that your body needs more calories. If you are following a very strict diet, then this is your body’s way of telling you that you are on the wrong track. By starving yourself, you will not lead your body to any healthy weight loss.

If you are craving for anything salty like chips or popcorn, it may be a strong indication that you are dehydrated and that is your body’s way to ask for water.

In case you feel like eating a sugary food like cake, brownies or even a sweet fruit, it may indicate that there is an imbalance in your blood sugar, or even a stress syndrome or lack of quality sleep. However, in case your craving is specifically about chocolate [and you are not about to menstruate] you may be in need of some ‘’happy hormones’’ like serotonin and dopamine.

If you desperately want carbs like pasta, bread or crackers then you may have a lack of amino acid tryptophan. This amino is needed to make serotonin. Therefore, if you have lack of serotonin, it can also lead to feeling down and anxious.

If you are craving meat, first we have to examine if you are vegan or vegetarian. This may be happening because of a low amount of protein. If you have recently given up on meat you should probably consult a specialist in order to provide you with alternatives most suited to your body needs.

Apart from any sentimental desire to eat something very specific, it is important to realize that nutrition plays an important role in our everyday life and the process of eating should be taken more seriously. It is not about losing weight, counting calories and measuring body fat. It is about enjoying your meal and taking all the ingredients essential to your body. Do not forget to choose your favorite meal and taking some minutes to enjoy the whole process.

Best of Health,

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