What foods to avoid when eating out

What foods to avoid when eating out

The exploration of a different culture is always captivating and offers great pleasure. Particularly if the exploration is done through a journey of flavors, with a visit to an international cuisine restaurant. Ethnic food has become quite popular in recent years, reflecting the need and desire of individuals to discover hidden nutritional temptations in every dish. Furthermore, the method of cooking and the materials various cuisines use differ significantly. Therefore, the result is different and the temptations are great. 

So, if you are an international cuisine lover and enjoy going to restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, Italian or Mexican cuisine, you should be aware of the nutritional risks hidden in these dishes. Usually, due to not knowing exactly what the dish we order is, we risk consuming extra calories in an option that lacks the proper nutrients. Fried meats and cheese, full-fat cream and butter should be avoided in a healthy diet.

Below, we will see some of the international cuisine dishes that you might want to avoid:

Italian cuisine

Typically Mediterranean cuisine combines taste and health, based on fresh ingredients and simple cooking techniques. Using main ingredients such as olive oil and fresh vegetables, each dish seems magical. But this does not mean that there are no dishes to avoid!

Alfredo: this recipe is prepared with butter, cream and cheese

Parmigiana: the recipe refers to the way of baking and concerns breaded, fried meat or chicken, smothered in cheese!

Pizza: I think we don’t need to say much about this one!

French Cuisine

For many years, French cuisine was an attraction for the whole world. Some of the best internationally acclaimed restaurants are located in France and cook in the traditional way. Known for the fattening combination of cream and full-fat cheese, French cuisine is not often recommended for people who follow a balanced diet. Here’s what you should avoid:

Au gratin: the food is covered with bread crumbs and (usually) cheese.

Béarnaise: butter sauce and egg yolks.

Indian Cuisine

India, beyond the spicy food, is known for some amazing dishes. Unfortunately, these specialties burden our bodies with unnecessary calories – which naturally explains their great taste!

Ghee: ghee butter (full fat)

Korma: made with cream, nuts and seeds

Paneer: a kind of full fat cheese

Japanese Cuisine

For something more exotic, Japan is famous for its cuisine. Apart from the famous sushi, there are other dishes worth trying. But not the following, as they contain excess calories and do not offer anything particularly nutritious to our bodies:

Tempura: refers to very deep frying

Katsu: fried (e.g., tonkatsu, a breaded and fried pork cutlet)

Each international cuisine has a distinctive flavor and is famous for specific recipes and specialties. A trip to exotic flavors is very interesting, but excesses should always be avoided. Therefore, now that we know which dishes to avoid in each cuisine, make sure to choose them only in exceptional cases. Otherwise, we should prefer healthier choices, discovering novel combinations of foods and healthy cooking techniques that we did not even know existed.

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