Foods that enhance brain function

Foods that enhance brain function

If you are struggling with your memory on a daily basis, in order to remember things that you should have known, then you may need to change your diet. The truth is that your brain needs food, just like the rest of your body. Therefore, you don’t have to panic over these slight memory loses that you experience. On the contrary, you can relax and add some extra foods on your daily nutrition. Most likely you will start to feel the difference in just a few days. You will start remembering all the important things in your life. Take a look at some of these foods:

  • Tomatoes: tomatoes are rich in lucopenium and this is the very substance that can help you boost your memory. You can eat them at whichever form you prefer, although the best way is to make a tomato sauce. This way you will receive the best possible lucopenium level that you need in your daily life.
  • Blackberry: it is now proven that blackberries (and every other type of berry) include some antioxidant properties and can help with your memory loss problem. This is why it is highly recommended that you eat berries on a regular basis, either fresh or frozen. Mix them in your yogurt or your cereal, choose a berry jam or have a tasty berry tart.
  • Fish rich in Omega 3: Omega 3 fats are extremely essential to your body. In addition, they can really help your brain so you must find a way for them to be in your table. Salmon, tuna, sardine and mackerel are some of the fish that contain omega 3 fats that will boost your memory.
  • Pumpkin seed: this renowned seed is a rather strong weapon towards memory loss as well as Alzheimer disease. It is rich in zinc and it is considered to be a very healthy snack. You can add them to your fresh salad.
  • Coffee and Tea: drinking coffee and tea can truly help you. Your memory will be stronger as well as your brain function. The antioxidant properties of these elements will play an important role on your rejuvenation.

Is the Nutrition Enough for You?

Though your diet can really improve your memory, it is not right to only focus on this field in your life. Proper diet should be just a part towards self-improvement in order to boost your memory.  You can train your brain with several exercises, like solving puzzles or doing the Sudoku, reading books, writing and playing board games and riddles. At the same time, proper amount of sleep (quantity and quality) can really help your memory.

Stress can be a big part in your fight against memory loss. Therefore, you need to learn a few stress release techniques. Only then you will be able to enjoy every moment of your day and use your memory as you please. For this reason, activities such as meditation and yoga, a relaxing bath and workout can truly help you.

Our brain is very important to all of us so we need to take good care of it. Proper diet and healthy life choices will offer you the desired results!


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