Foods to Avoid for Vibrant, White Teeth

One of the most successful beauty and wellness tips in the world is of course the use of lemon infused water in the morning. Many celebrities swear that they have seen great improvement in their health and looks, simply because they start their day with this miraculous beverage. Among the most significant benefits referred to consuming water and lemon, it is worth pointing out the alkalization of the body and its assistance against bloating and water retention.

Nobody can deny the nutritional value of lemon, since it is rich in Vitamin C. More than that, water is valuable for our health state, hydrating our skin and body. Lemon infused water is definitely beneficial for our body, perhaps for slightly different reasons than those advertised.

However, there is also a negative consequence that seems to be related to the daily consumption of water and lemon. Teeth gradually become yellowish and stains appear that do not seem to go away that easily, even with meticulous brushing of the teeth. This phenomenon is somehow related to overconsumption of lemon and acidic foods.

Does this mean that we should stop this healthy habit in the morning?

According to researches that have been conducted, a single beverage on a daily basis cannot cause such a severe problem at our teeth. So, you can go on with consuming water and lemon each morning without fear. Provided that you do not overdo it with the recommended quantity, your teeth will remain white and your smile will be sparkling. On the contrary, if you happen to munch on lemons throughout the day (however strange this might sound), then it would be great for you to reconsider.

How to make sure that I have an all-white smile?  

Apart from meticulous brushing of your teeth, there are some extra details that can help you maintain all-white teeth. We have already referred to the overconsumption of lemon and citrus, which you must avoid. Besides that, it would be good to reduce the intake of coffee and tea. Both these beverages contain colorants that may leave stains on your teeth. The same happens with red wine. Even though red wine is extremely beneficial for your health, it may add color on your teeth and make them appear darker.

Of course, consuming refreshments and above all cola drinks has a similar effect on teeth. At the same time, you need to pay attention to all foods that can actually darken your teeth. For example, you need to avoid consuming beets and various snacks that contain artificial colorants or even beverages such as smoothies and ice water.

Finally, special attention needs to be drawn to the hazardous effects of smoking. Apart from the negative impact on your health, too frequent smoking is often responsible for the looks of your teeth. If you eat healthy and brush your teeth at regular intervals, but you do not observe the improvement that you would have anticipated, perhaps you should reconsider smoking altogether. Not only will you notice significant improvement in the color of your teeth, but you will also feel better and your skin will look awesome!

Best of Health,

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