Green Juices vs Green Smoothies: Which One Should I Choose and Why?

It is important to keep in mind that contemporary diet is in no way considered healthy, in terms of nutrient quantity received on an everyday basis. Even though food is now abundantly available at the supermarkets for people to access, health indicators are exceptionally concerning and highlight the negative impact of junk food and unhealthy dietary options. Rather than focusing on healthy food options such as fruit and vegetables, the vast majority of people have turned to unhealthy snacks and ingredients without any substantial nutritional value.

It is a common complaint that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can turn into a tedious thing. On the bright side, however, there is a way that can help anyone boost the amount of fruit and veggies incorporated in his or her daily diet plan. This method is simple and at the same time greatly practical. To be more specific, it has to do with the liquefaction of fruits and vegetables through their proper process.

Modern society has discovered an innovative method, which guarantees the optimal absorption of the nutritional elements found in both fruits and vegetables. Using a juicer or some kind of blender, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy delicious and exquisitely nutritious diet options, covering the daily requirements without any hesitation or problem. Which one of these two alternatives constitutes the perfect option for us, though? Is a green juice or a green smoothie the ultimate healthy treat for every day?

Green Juice vs Green Smoothie

There is no right or wrong in this dilemma and the answer is indeed strongly related to the specific desires and needs of every single one of us. For instance, a green smoothie allows us to radically increase the number of fruit and vegetables consumed daily. We succeed this increase without having to spend a lot of time, since preparing a green smoothie is easy and immediate. The outcome is not only delicious, but also filling thanks to the fiber in the glass. Especially when we have added more ingredients within the smoothies, such as chia seeds or flax seed, consuming them can be extremely beneficial.

On the other hand, a green juice helps us absorb all the nutritious elements found in fruits and veggies. Having extracted the fiber, nutritious elements are easily absorbed from our body. More than that, with a green juice we cut down on the overall number of fruits and vegetables we use in preparation. Finally, they are a greatly healthy option when we wish to quench our thirst and simultaneously get an energy boost right away.

How to Make Tasty Green Juices & Smoothies?

You do not need to add large quantities of greens in your juices and smoothies, since this may have negative effects on your taste. Start small and add larger quantities as you go, till you find the right balance with the perfect intensity appealing to you. It goes without even saying that over time you will get to appreciate the uniqueness of green juices and smoothies, using them as healthy snacks throughout the day!

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