You haven’t lost the desired amount of weight? Don’t be discouraged

Sometimes it is common to be affected by various disappointments that we experience in our lives. Those are the moments that we are more vulnerable than ever and usually succumb to negativity. However, when we are on a diet, it is too often that negative thoughts may significantly affect our commitment to our diet. If we realize that we did not lose any weight within the past two weeks, it is common to erupt through excessive eating. Indeed, we justify our improper behavior and convince ourselves that we will never succeed with a diet plan. Similarly, after a busy day we may want to reward ourselves with something sweet, ‘fattening’ and therefore prohibited.


If we think about it though, is eating a prohibited food a real reward for someone who is trying to adhere to a diet? Does our negative thinking sabotage our efforts to improve our health, and our appearance? What do we need to do to avoid negative thoughts and frustration?

Get Rid of Negativity

First of all, we must set realistic goals. It is understood that we will not achieve the ideal weight overnight. We did not get the extra pounds overnight, after all. So we must have realistic goals on the expected weight loss. A pound a week is ideal, although many factors affect steady weight loss. Also, let’s try to see the reduction in clothing size, which is often more visible and impressive to those around us.

Then it is necessary to philosophize the reason for which we have failed so far in our efforts to control our weight. Have we been following very depriving diets or implemented unorthodox ways of weight loss? If that is the case, common sense points out that the results, even if seen in our body, are transient. Have we been following boring weight loss diets? The diet must be attractive, even without the caloric bombs that fill the shelves of supermarkets. So find foods you like and combinations of fruits, vegetables and lean options.

Are you trying to cover up deficiencies in the emotional field through excessive food consumption? If so, you’re not alone. However, you should focus on the cause of emotional insecurity and impulses. Moreover, the food offers only a temporary feeling of euphoria and coverage of gaps. After a while, the problems rise again and it is time for the next episode of overeating. To stop this vicious circle, first, we must aim for the root of the problem.

So you’re ready to drive away the negativity from your life? You want to turn the page and start over to improve the quality of your life? If you are ready, determine what is causing that cluttering of your diet and try to change your habits and way of thinking. It will not happen from one day to the next, but gradually. Eliminate negative thoughts and instead welcome optimism and gratitude for what you have learned so far.

Best of Health,


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