~Healthy~ Foods That May Not Be So Healthy After All

When we follow a healthy diet, it is difficult not to give in daily food temptations. A piece of spongy vanilla cake, a cold chocolate milkshake or a huge cheese melting hamburger can easily stand in the way of our weight loss attempts. However, since we all have tasted such delicious foods, it is very difficult to forget them and eliminate them completely from our table. That is why we are looking for alternative forms of food. Foods with artificial, chemical sweeteners are produced daily and their sales show that they are accepted in our everyday life with joy and excitement. Instead of consuming a beverage full of sugar and empty calories, you can now consume a very similar beverage containing just sweeteners and it is healthier, right? Wrong.

The Trap of Artificial Sweeteners

Although the satisfaction that someone receives from such foods is respected, there is a risk in alternating our senses. Taste sensors are greatly stimulated by sweeteners, since such substances are much sweeter than the actual sugar. As a result, they are getting used to such sweetness and are increasingly seeking for it in meals and snacks. After a while and as we grow older, our sensors need bigger quantities of this sweet taste and more intense flavors. A vicious circle is formed, where sweeteners become necessary as time passes by.

At the same time, these chemical substances that exist in food increase our appetite. This means that we need more of the same food and it is difficult to avoid eating it. That is why finding alternatives is not always the most correct thing to do. If we want proper nutrition education, the best option is not look for the same tastes, even without a high caloric load.

Nutritional Solutions

With quite small efforts we can feel satisfied, even without the exact same tastes we were used in the past. Define what behaviors you have to change in order to improve your health:

  • Redefine your Flavors: We re-program our taste buds again, starting from the beginning. Do not compromise with artificial sweeteners, while you can get used to a bit of black sugar, coconut sugar, stevia or even honey. Use less salt, blended with some herbs and spices for more taste.
  • Do not Absolve Any Delicacy: Although it is always ok to give in your cravings and to food temptations sometimes, it is not right to think that some delicacies are healthier than others. Let’s keep in mind that chemicals are always the same, regardless the calories and other details. Chose consciously and enjoy such delicacies in moderation.
  • Considerably Reduce Artificial Sweeteners: If it’s possible, stop using artificial sweeteners. They don’t offer anything something nutritional. So let’s take them off from our diet.
  • Start Looking For Natural Options: Nutrition does not have to be made of tasteless meals. On the contrary, there are several foods that can be combined and become delicious choices. Choose different combinations of food in order to avoid getting tired of repetition.

No one can resist sweet delicacies, desserts and snacks! Choose carefully but always stay on track of your healthy eating.

Best of Health,

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