Help! How can I control my hunger?

Help! How can I control my hunger?

Some people claim that they never get hungry during the day. This of course is possible, particularly if those people have stopped listening to their sense of hunger for their next meal. Due to habit, the sudden desire for something sweet and forbidden, the lack of interest in daily life or simply due to stress and tension, one can decide subconsciously that it’s time to eat again. But the interior feeling of hunger is the surest way to synchronize your biological clock and consume exactly the food you need.

It has been shown that people who have no problems with their weight usually hear their hunger and control it properly. So when their energy levels have dropped low enough, they will satisfy their needs through a meal. This habit keeps them away from hypercaloric and unhealthy options and snacks full of sodium, sugars and fats. Conversely, those who often have weight problems are the ones that can’t resist to external factors, misinterpreting other emotions as hunger.

How to Learn to Listen to Your Hunger Again?

It is important to eat foods just because you need to eat something. Do not listen to your body, because it is accustomed to many hours of fasting and try to leave 2-3 hours between meals. This will enable you to really learn to get hungry at the appropriate time and the hunger will occur naturally, giving your body the information it needs. If you go through a whole day without food and do not feel the slightest feeling of hunger – this is a serious problem. You have completely forgotten how to communicate with your body to meet your daily energy needs.

When choosing a snack between meals, exaggeration is never desirable. Instead, you should eat light snacks and the caloric intake should not exceed 200 calories. The purpose of each snack is to satisfy small energy needs generated by your body between meals. The foods your body needs to function properly would be yogurt and nuts, fruits and vegetables. These are easy options, which offer us satiety for longer periods of time and help us realize exactly when we are hungry.

On the other hand, we should not succumb to temptations such as potato chips, fatty pastries, fattening sweets and foods from various fast food restaurants often. We should prefer natural foods cooked at home for all the nutrients that we need. At the same time, make sure to hydrate your body and get enough sleep. All this will help to recognize hunger again and communicate harmoniously with our bodies.

While it takes time and effort to see results, reprogramming our appetite is particularly useful for a diet and its success. If we manage to control our hunger we will balance the glucose in our blood, therefore we will reduce the risks posed to our diet, as we won’t be influenced by external factors.

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