Help! Why am I hungry all the time?

We have all been carried away some time in our lives, consuming a lot more food than what we ought to. Overeating is closely related to psychology, even though there are many other factors that enhance such an attitude. Most frequently, we wake up in the middle of the night and crave for something to eat. We do not choose a salad or a slice of boiled turkey, obviously. On the contrary, we go for the ice cream that we have stashed in the freezer or the pizza leftovers. Even worse, we munch on chip and candy without any limit and pack on empty calories.

However, it is important not to feel bad about ourselves. Even after such an incident of overeating, the ideal attitude for somebody would be to move on and continue on his path. Unfortunately, most people have the tendency to react with counter-productive manners:

  • they feel guilty when eating too much unhealthy food
  • they are disappointed and so they forget their goals and indulge in even more dietary disasters
  • they starve, so as to redeem themselves for what they have done and then get back on track

How to act

None of these ways is going to work long term for you. On the contrary, you must try to get back on track as soon as possible. It does not matter what exactly you ate last night. Each day should be different for you. So try to drink a lot of water and arrange for a healthy meal without much fat. A salad and grilled meat or fish is an excellent choice. Stay away from starches and carbs, especially refined ones.

What if you have planned to go out?

You can still be part of the fun, without letting your friends down. However, it is crucial that you make healthy choices. Dining out should never be an excuse for you to overeat. Do not just think of the fatty options on the menu, while there are so many different food choices for you to try. Think of a grilled fish or turkey steak, veggie burger or even green salad topped with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar rather than full fat mayonnaise.  Maybe you would also like to experiment with foods rich in probiotics, such as artichokes and kefir for enhancing your digestion.

Without a doubt we all dine out occasionally throughout the year. Our social life and the various events call for such dinners out. So without the proper preparation, it can be really difficult not to get carried away by the plethora of unhealthy food choices available in the menu. Even when there is a buffet, unhealthy options are far more than healthy ones. Even salads are filled with fatty dressings to pump up their taste. Nevertheless, it is possible to steer clear of complex recipes with too many ingredients, avoid sauces and fried food, eat and drink alcohol moderately. In case of overeating, do not give up. Do not get disappointed or punish yourselves. The race for healthy eating is more of a marathon than a fast track race. So this is how you should consider your own efforts! In this way, falling off the wagon is not considered tragic and the efforts should carry on without any special reaction!

Best of Health,

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