How do drinks and beverages block our weight loss attempts?

How do drinks and beverages block our weight loss attempts?

Over the last years the consumption of beverages has been significantly increased. This has resulted on many people replacing the water with these. There is a large variety of beverages to choose from: sodas, juices with fruits or vegetables, tea, coffee, milk and sweet beverages such as milkshakes and popsicles. There is an endless list! However, should we count the calories from the beverages just like we do with foods? And is this the best way to take care of our health and body?

The truth is that all the beverages that contain sugar are very dangerous to our health. These beverages do add up some calories that we often miss to calculate, while not offering us any good qualities. A beverage with sugar will not offer you any nutrients, while it will offer you many calories. Since beverages are not chewed up you miss to comprehend their significance and you tend to believe that you have not taken any calories at all. A beverage will not fill your stomach like a food will.

Is this the same case with the beverages that do not contain any sugar? Are they completely harmless and therefore we can drink them whenever we want? This answer is unfortunately no! These beverages contain chemicals that can be extremely harmful to your body and system. In addition, since they use artificial sweeteners, they can manipulate your sense of taste. In other words, your mouth will get used to their sweetness and will refuse to settle with any other natural sweetness in the future. Last but not least, these artificial sweeteners will promote cravings and urge you to seek unhealthy snacks, and desserts full in such bad calories.

Why We Prefer Food Instead of a Beverage?

Human organism is programmed to function by breaking down the food through the digestive system. When you are drinking a beverage, this function will not be activated. As a result, the healthy metabolism of the food will not occur and the calories will be stored as fat immediately. When eating, your stomach will accept the food until you feel full. When drinking, this will not happen. Not to mention the biggest problem, which is replacing water with all of these beverages. Water is the most important element of life and no living creature can survive without it. Therefore, it is safe to assume that depriving yourself of water will lead to many dangers.

Are All Beverages Harmful?

Of course drinking a glass of juice will not cause the same problems as drinking a glass of soda. Therefore, there are some beverages that you can drink without any problem. Besides water, you can always drink tea (green tea without sweeteners), sparkling water and green vegetable juice. You must be careful that the largest proportion of your beverage should be water. This will help you with your thirst and help you stay healthy, maintaining the ideal weight and be full of energy!

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