Iron and Fiber in the Prevention of Diseases

Many diseases are due to heredity and so, no matter how we try, we cannot escape the identity of our genes. However, proper nutrition and good health can benefit us and make us face any difficulty.

If you are looking for ways to equip yourself against diseases and the unluckiness of inheritance, focus on increased iron and fiber intake. Iron and fiber can shield us and help us significantly improve our health. It is worth the effort and you will find that it is quite easy to get more iron daily. Let’s see how:

First, we can replace white carbohydrates with whole grains. Although in the beginning this may not serve our usual taste, we will slowly begin to appreciate the natural, full flavor of whole meal products. Choose whole wheat bread instead of white, whole grain and brown rice or spaghetti on the table. Even better, experiment with flaxseed, chia seeds and quinoa, oats and bran. Surprisingly, many of these flavors are delicious!

Then we can adopt the habit of eating an apple a day. The well-known proverb is not very far from the actual truth, since apple contains a great amount of fiber and helps in the proper functioning of our body. Many other fruits, such as pears and figs, contain an equal amount of iron and fiber. Therefore, it is worth trying fruit salads and discovering the most delicious fruits that satisfy your taste buds.

Legumes are an excellent solution for our daily dishes. High in protein and iron, they do not cost much and benefit our body in a variety of ways. If you’re only used to lentils or beans, experiment: try chickpeas and fava beans, make them into a hearty salad instead of soup, and generally try many combinations of legumes mixed with vegetables and grains. You will be amazed by their taste and ability to fill us quickly!

As a snack, we can choose whole meal crackers, seeds or nuts. Another weapon in our hands is popcorn, which supplies us with the a small amount of iron and fiber. At the same time, there are also so many seeds in the market – and these are great as snacks, full of fiber and iron (among other minerals)!

Finally, if we see that we might need more iron in our diet, we can take a natural dietary supplement. Ideally, we should be advised by our physician or dietitian who owns the right knowledge and information about our medical history and specific needs. However, supplement intake is not objectionable. Sometimes it is the best solution to our problem.

Furthermore, if you want to increase the amount of iron and fiber within the day, you now know how to do it! With a few simple secrets and just the right mood, you can easily change your established eating habits over time, and you will definitely be pleased with the result. Enjoy a new, upgraded diet and give your body the weapon it needs in order to cope with every nutritional problem in the best way!

Best of Health,

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