IRON DEFICIENCY: Do not avoid these 10 signs

Iron deficiency can cause many problems to the human body. For this reason, all the people that do not get an adequate amount of iron on a daily basis, experience certain symptoms that must fully comprehend and dealt with. In case the person does not deal with these symptoms they risk of having some very serious health problems. In severe cases of iron deficiency your dietitian might even recommend some nutrition supplements. Sometimes, the need of iron is increased (for example in pregnant or lactating women, people with special medical conditions).

Below you can find some of the most common symptoms when you experience iron deficiency:

  • A general feeling of fatigue: when you have iron deficiency, you may be feeling tired and without energy. Even if you haven’t done anything all day, you might still feeling really exhausted.
  • Focus problem: when you have iron deficiency the neurotransmitters of your brain operate on a very different level. This is why you might have a focus problem.
  • Lack of emotions: the interpretation of your feelings might get a little more confusing if you have an iron deficiency. As a result, you may find yourself with important lack of feelings in situations where you have reacted very different otherwise.
  • Breathing problems: in many cases you may experience some difficulty in breathing properly. You may try to breath and you may feel like you are suffocating.
  • Pale skin: this is the most common symptom in all of patients with low iron levels. Blood doesn’t flow properly inside the body, so the skin gets pale.
  • Difficulty in exercise: naturally, exercise will make you feel tired. However, if you notice that you get tired a lot faster and easier, you have to ask yourselves why. You have to make the right test in order to find out if you have iron deficiency, especially if this particular exercise was easy for you in the past.
  • Muscle pain: whether you exercise or not, you are feeling your muscles in a lot of pain. This is another important symptom that you must not neglect.
  • Fragile nails: if your nails are easily broken or you have noticed some white lines across them might be another symptom of iron deficiency.
  • Fragile immune system: if you notice that you are getting sick very easy or you are exhausted from a simple flu, you have to try and investigate it more. Do the proper tests in order to find out.
  • Hematuria: this is a rather uncommon symptom, however it clearly states iron deficiency in your system. If you spot an unusual color (pink or red) in your urine, you have to make an appointment with your doctor. Remember that certain foods, such as beets, cause the same effect.

Given the symptoms above, you can understand how important iron is for your body and overall health. If you manage to get sufficient amounts of iron you are helping your body and you are offering additional energy. This way you can cope with all the demanding tasks of the day. Iron is necessary if you want to have strong nails and beautiful skin. Additionally, with efficient iron you will be able to have strength and stay focused to mental challenges. Take care of yourself! If you spot any of these symptoms do not waste any more time. Do the necessary tests and add to your daily nutrition foods rich in iron like pulses, green leafy vegetables, different types of nuts and seeds, cocoa, fish and seafood.!

Best of Health,

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