Do You Lose Weight Only by Eating Tasteless, Boring Foods? Not anymore!

Do You Lose Weight Only by Eating Tasteless, Boring Foods? Not anymore!

There are several healthy diet secrets that can help you lose weight the right way. However, one of the biggest challenges during a diet is routine. We often complain that we are tired of the same breakfast or the same snacks during the day. However, the instructions are clear and alternations of meals are scary. Is a routine the ideal solution to lose the extra weight and stay healthy and happy? Definitely not!

Instead, with a few simple modifications, we achieve a double objective. On the one hand, we continue losing weight and control what we eat during the day. On the other hand, we avoid getting tired of the limited food choices on a daily basis. Diet is a tricky case, so let’s not make it even more difficult on ourselves!

 How to avoid a boring diet

Depending on your dietary preferences, you can experiment and enjoy a variety of flavors:


  • Try to get away from the famous cereal with milk or yogurt. Instead, choose nuts and honey, ground flaxseed and slices of fruit. Cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices also accompany yogurt, along with oats, buckwheat, brown rice or quinoa.
  • Make tasty and refreshing smoothies, which will fill you with energy and quench your thirst. Choose banana, avocado and a little honey with yogurt or orange, apple and pear with milk. The combinations are truly innumerable!
  • Even the drinks during our breakfast can have great flexibility. Instead of drinking the same filter coffee every day, experiment with new flavors, or try a tea decoction, chamomile, and even nettle. As strange as it may sound, decoctions wake you up because of their intense taste and smell and have a great benefit to your health.


  • The consumption of vegetables at every snack is tedious. Try to accompany them with a delicious yogurt sauce with dill and pepper. The homemade guacamole is also ideal as a snack, as well as a rich fruit salad with yogurt or fresh cheese anari. Some days of the week, be sure to spoil yourself with a small, but delicious sandwich with avocado and grilled vegetables, turkey or smoked salmon.
  • Rice wafers are extremely low in calories. Try them with a slice of lean turkey or with a little cream cheese, with cinnamon and apple slices or even with fresh tomato and grated pepper.


  • During meals, it is advisable to avoid simple carbohydrates, everything that does not come from multigrain, whole foods. However, we can enjoy a vegetable sandwich with wholegrain bread or tortilla. Alternatively, a salad with beans, bulgur or couscous is a hearty and different choice.
  • It is important that we alter the flavors in our meals. So if we have already consumed a certain type of food, it is advisable to experiment with something else during the next few days.
  • Mushrooms and cucumber can accommodate cool yogurt inside them and cheese sauce or even tzatziki. Do not get tired of the same options, when you can have something different on your plate each day.

As you can see, there are solutions to follow a balanced diet and reach your ideal weight. These solutions do not have to be tedious and boring. Conversely, it is possible to choose tasty variations for your breakfast, meals and snacks, with fresh ingredients full of flavor and nutritional value!


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