How to Lose Weight After the Summer Holidays

One of the hardest times of the year is without a doubt the time right after the holidays. As you are having fun with your loved ones, you do not care about food options and it is only fair that your healthy eating patterns are ignored, if not forgotten. However, when we get back from the idyllic retreat we have enjoyed during our vacation, what do we do? Of course it is not very easy to get back on track. So how is someone supposed to get started?

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast on vacation is a true ritual for most of us. Whether we are at a hotel and wish to try out all the delicacies that the buffet has to offer, or we buy freshly baked pies and pastries from the bakery, croissants, sandwiches and a lot more! It is high time we got back on track, however, turning to a healthy breakfast (searching for buckwheat or oatmeal, almond butter and fruit, or an omelet with egg whites, avocado on whole wheat toast). Nevertheless, if you have not been shopping yet, remember this: You can try yoghurt with fruit or nuts, smoothies that you can make yourself with yoghurt or milk and fruit or even healthy, wholesome wraps and sandwiches.

Shopping list for groceries

An empty kitchen is definitely the biggest obstacle you are going to face, in your effort to move on with healthy dieting after vacation. If you do not have any free time, you should try writing down a shopping list with all your groceries and completing your purchases online. It is very important to devote some time to your groceries, so as not to have any excuses – you have enjoyed junk food and its empty calories long enough!

Choose a salad for lunch or dinner

Moreover, after the continuous unhealthy food choices you have made while on vacation, this secret will keep you on track. Even for a few days upon returning home, you should choose to eat fresh salads as a whole meal for lunch or dinner. The key to a healthy salad, though, is to make sure that you get enough protein d healthy fats. To do so, fill your salad bowl with grilled chicken or shrimps, add some sliced avocado and ½ cup beans and sprouts. Be careful with the sauce that you use and never use more than 2 tablespoons in the whole salad. The optimal dressing is the balsamic vinegar or lemon zest along with some extra virgin olive oil or honey.

Schedule your workout routine

Many people find themselves filled with energy on vacation and indulge in fascinating activities. Furthermore, there are others who prefer relaxing by the beach reading a book and sip a delicious, refreshing cocktail. No matter which category you place yourself in, you need to schedule your workout routine and especially during adjustment time. Even if you have left a lot of loose ends in need of your time, you should at least find some time to exercise. Walk or simply use the stairs instead of the lift, dance around the house or walk your dog more often.

Be careful with going out!

It may be extremely difficult to stay at home, particularly after having got used to being outdoors all the time on your holidays. Still, after the enthusiasm wears out, you need some time to adjust to your routine. Try to schedule some nights with friends at home or better yet catch up with them while strolling at the park. If you stay home and do not feel like cooking, choose your meals and snacks wisely. If you must order food delivery, try grilled chicken breast, beans, tofu or fresh fish or seafood, grilled or steamed vegetables and wild rice. Last but not least, eliminate your alcohol intakes.

Best of Health,

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