How to Make Your Own Stevia at Home

Stevia is a healthy choice among various sweeteners available in the market today. As it derives from the leaves of the Stevia plant, it contains no unpleasant consequences for our health state. Conversely, it can be used practically anywhere and can help each of us to reduce weight in a natural way and efficiently. However, Stevia products are often accused of having been processed chemically to a huge extent.

How useful can a sweetener be, when it has almost nothing natural to pride itself in? That is why the need for a more natural alternative has risen in the market. The Stevia plant is abundant in nature and it is a pity not to have the opportunity to take full advantage of its powers. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to process these plants on our own.

Below you will find two different solutions for the natural processing of the Stevia leaf, without the addition of many chemicals. Both forms can be prepared from each of us, providing the solution in our hands. If we wish to taste a healthy sweetener without chemicals and additives, here is what we need to do!

  1. Powdered Stevia: To prepare powdered Stevia, what we need is to desiccate the leaves and put them in a mortar. In this way, we will be able to rub them and pulverize them at will. After that, Stevia is ready for consumption.
  2. Liquid Stevia: For this preparation we need again leaves of Stevia. We will desiccate in exactly the same way and we will wash the leaves well. Then, we will add them in a cup with vodka and leave them for at least a whole day. After that, it is time to strain the leaves. The liquid is left ready to be consumed at will.

As you can see, the process in both cases is absolutely simple and easy. There is nothing alarming in the whole preparation and that is what makes the natural Stevia an excellent solution for those who do not wish to deprive themselves of sweetness in life.

You can of course experiment with both formats, so as to find the one that suits you and your preferences best. Note that the liquid Stevia is better used in drinks and beverages. So if you want to sweeten coffee or tea, the liquid will delight you. Instead, the powder is best in the case you want to add sweetness to a cake or other dessert.

If you wonder where to find the leaves of stevia, there are many plant nurseries that sell the entire plant. So you can desiccate leaves and even multiply your production and just drop 2-3 leaves in your herbal tea mixture to sweeten it up. Alternatively, in many shops with organic products and supermarket you can find dried Stevia leaves.

It is best to use dark glass bottles for the liquid form of Stevia. The Stevia powder may be stored in any type of package (for example, in glass jars or plastic boxes).

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