When it comes to weight loss, I don’t believe in strict dieting and food deprivation. You have to eat real, wholesome food and always listen to your cravings.

My Story

Raised by a father who was in the military and a mother who was a beauty therapist, body image was always important in my family. My sister and I had to look pretty in cute, girly clothes, so extra body fat was unacceptable. I remember feeling worthless and a total disappointment to my parents from an early age. Despite entering adolescence at a healthy weight, I still felt chubbier than other girls. Binging demons followed me through every step – turning food into an enemy. I would hide my lunch, suppress my cravings and eat an apple, or cucumber a day. Nobody knew my secret. Not even my parents and friends. Then I would binge eat on everything I could possibly find in the house. I was always feeling weak, fragile and malnourished. Sometimes I would faint in between classes at school. During my last three years of high school, I fell into a destructive pattern of starvation, compulsive overeating, unhealthy food binging and bulimia nervosa.

My true passion ignited when I started talking to people who were facing the same problems. I felt that my voice could be heard and for the first time in my life I was helping women fight their own food battles. With no support from friends, family or teachers, I would spent months learning about nutrition – which inspired me to gain my three relevant degrees. It took me some time, but my research and education helped me turn years of disastrous dieting into my vocation: guiding women towards a healthier, amazing life.

After years of unhealthy habits, distorted body images, weight loss struggles and self-disrespect, I am relieved to have finally found my life’s purpose. Teaching others how to love their bodies first and reward themselves with great food – without having to be deprived. Whether you’re recovering from an ailment or you just want to lose some weight, you always need to listen to your body. It knows best.


to create anything in life.

Although I have coached thousands of clients worldwide, ironically, a few years ago I was overweight, depressed and undernourished from constantly depriving myself of the foods I loved. I absolutely hated my body and curves but thankfully, this motivated me to find a way to help myself and others like me. Having obtained a first degree in Food Design & Technology, I developed a true understanding of how ingredients combine to form appealing, nutritional meals. This helped me to not only overcome my food obsessions but also acted as a springboard to further my education in this field with a second degree in Dietetics & Nutrition and a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition.

Today, as a Personal Nutrition Coach, I specialize in the psychology of eating and its relation to our body. I am passionate about teaching people all over the world how to transform their body and way of thinking through personalized nutrition that suits their working hours, eating habits and overall lifestyle.

I Used To See Food As The Enemy.


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