Nutrition for Fertility

Fertility issues are a very common problem in our days. More couples seem to have experienced such issues during the last couple of decades. Issues like ovulatory failure, tubal damage, endometriosis and general male problems are a few of the reasons why it has become so difficult to conceive these days.

Apart from scientific reasons, most of the times the reason is unexplained, which means that doctors cannot seem to find a specific medical problem in either one of the couple. The only solution in these cases is to try and find the solution hidden in the couple’s lifestyle, featuring nutritional habits or even emotional elements.

It is important to remember that should you modify any of your daily habits, your body will need at least three months adjustment so it is best not to jump to any conclusions until the time period needed has passed.

A healthy diet is without question crucial to a successful outcome. So if you haven’t paid any attention to your nutritional habits, you should probably start now.

It is known that alcohol can reduce your chances of conceiving. But did you know that alcohol in both women and men can reduce your chances to pregnancy by half? Give your system the chance to detox from alcohol at least three months before attempting to conceive. Caffeine, much as alcohol can decrease fertility. Try eliminating all caffeine containing food and drinks for a large time period in order to help your body increase its chances. It is without doubt that smoking, apart from the harms it causes to your health can also cause infertility. Try making an effort to quit smoking for the wellbeing of you and your future baby.

When you are able to follow these simple changes in your everyday life, you will be able to assist your body maximize your chances of conceiving with the additional help of some supplements.

Folic acid as well as B6 and B12 are essential before getting pregnant too. They are important in order to produce genetic materials and are also improving low sperm counts.

Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin C are crucial to both women and men body functions in order to improve the chances to conceive. Omega 3 fatty acids interfere with getting and staying pregnant while vitamins E and C have been shown to increase fertility up to 10%.

Last but not least, the beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant which protects the egg and the sperm DNA from damage and along with the L-arginine that is essential for sperm production can make a difference in your attempts to conceive.

There are many different ways to help yourself being healthier, in order to be able to conceive and eventually have a healthy pregnancy. By following these tips you will make your body stronger and you will increase your chances of having a healthy child. Above all cases of unexplained infertility comes the emotional factor, so while you improve your everyday life make sure you are happy and as less stressed as you can possibly be.

Best of Health,

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