How to Overcome Unhealthy Addictions

Our brain is capable of so many actions. Most of them are good for our health, but some of them aren’t. An example of how a brain action can cause a problem is the power a habit has. The ability to maintain a habit truly helps only when it comes to healthy eating or exercise. Unfortunately though, most of the times this is not the case.

The addiction, whatever it is, forms a path in our brain. A path so often used that it forms a habit. However, recent researches indicate that mindful meditation can actually help us quit some annoying habits.

Human’s brain is a well-structured machine that can learn quickly new techniques and absorb knowledge. When our brain has to deal with an addiction it cannot separate which ones are good for our health and which ones are bad. The brain assumes that each habit is made for a good reason thus, it will keep on returning on the same paths, making quit a bad habit extremely difficult.

Doctors and researchers have used brain scans and discovered that meditation can calm the posterior cingulate cortex. They concluded to the hypothesis that mindfulness exercises can help a person get rid of even the strongest form of addiction. Smoking, drinking, even unhealthy habits can be treated through a brain exercise procedure.

Some research has attempted to test this theory. With some volunteers, addicted to any form of bad habit, they tried to assist them. Through a circle of brain exercises, the results were quite impressive. When a person manages to disconnect the path leading from craving to smoking or drinking, then this addiction is treated.

Our brain is an organ that never stops to learn and create constant new links between desire and action. If we manage to reprogram some of the old links that are bad for our health, our unhealthy cravings will stop. Therefore, this will assist a person to quit a bad habit, easier and more effectively. All those smokers that quit smoking every now and then, just to return to this awful habit. All these people craving for junk food just because their brain made a strong connection over the years.

Only by paying attention to the specific exercises, you can improve your brain action. Your brain should learn to distinguish all the good habits, from the ones that are harmful for you. This said, one might easily guess how easy it would also be to program your brain for certain actions.

Eating healthier, drinking more water or train your brain and create a link between happiness, habit and daily exercise. These are the links that we would definitely want to maintain or even create.

This new method may be the answer to so many problems, an opportunity for a brighter, healthier future. Through these exercises human kind can take a step forward to evolution by leaving behind all these medieval behaviors.

Best of Health,

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