First Nutrition Consultation

The introductory Nutrition Consultation can be done in person at our offices or online, in the comfort of your own home. Within your first introductory consultation, Anna will take an in-depth look at your health state using body assessments and diet analysis, in order to improve your health through holistic and balanced nutrition and suggest realistic lifestyle recommendations. 

Your first nutrition consultation can take up to one hour including all anthropometric measurements, assessment of clinical health conditions, nutritional valuation, discussion and planning of your ideal lifestyle nutrition plan.


What’s included:

  • 60 Minutes Introductory Nutrition Consultation
  • Body Measurements – Weight – Body Fat – Blood Pressure – Body Analogy / Symmetry 
  • 360° View Health Assessment (clinical tests might be requested in advance)
  • Lifestyle Nutritional Recommendations 
  • Customized Nutrition Plan 
  • 10 Minutes Q&A Follow Up Client Call 
  • Personalized supplement recommendations (if needed)



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