Spring Cleansing – Guest Blogger: Ashlee Rowland

Today we have a lovely guest post from Ashlee Rowland, a certified Nutrition Consultant and blogger of simplholistic.

Ashlee shares with us her favorite ‘Spring Cleansing Caesar Salad’  which has tons of beauty-boosting ingredients ideal for clear skin and plant based proteins for post-workout recovery.

Here it goes!

Spring Caesar Salad

1 c. organic romaine lettuce

1 c. organic kale (massaged)

¼ c. chopped organic tomato

1/8 c. organic broccoli (chopped)

1/8 c. organic cabbage (chopped)

1/8 c. shredded carrots

1/8 c. cucumber (chopped)

1 T. vegan walnut parmesan

2 T. vegan Caesar dressing

I use Primal Kitchen’s


*toss all ingredients (minus parmesan) and transfer into bowl

*top with the Caesar dressing. Don’t eat too fast!


Kale: The holy grail of health is right here for the taking. This nutrient dense green is perfect for the nails, hair, skin and bones. It comes packing a hearty serving of vitamin K, protein, iron and calcium. Kale is thought of as the green version of beef when it comes to its iron, calcium and protein content.


Broccoli: This green vegetable is an excellent source of Sulphur which is helpful in the detoxification process that takes place in the liver. A fatty or overworked liver can lead to a host of issues so being sure to eat adequate amounts of Sulphur is crucial for a healthy body.


Cabbage: Cabbage contains several different compounds, one of which is sulphoraphane, that stimulate detoxification in the body.  It is cancer preventative, lowers LDL (“bad” cholesterol that builds up in the arteries) and protects against Alzheimer’s disease since it is so high in vitamin K.


Carrots: These delicious root vegetables are useful when it comes to preventing damage from ultraviolet radiation, environmental and internal toxins. The phosphorus found in carrots will help you to have healthy hair, teeth and bones!


Cucumber: Cucumber is both delicious and nutrition and sometimes you can even get the kids to eat it! That’s because it has subtle sweetness to it that makes it so much easier to eat than other vegetables. They contain high amounts of B vitamins which means they are great for combatting stress and anxiety. Win!

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