Is stress to blame that I can’t lose weight?

Is stress to blame that I can’t lose weight?

You are careful with your diet, you exercise often, you do not succumb to dietary temptations and yet your weight increases? You may find it strange at first, but stress is an extremely important factor in weight regulation. Therefore you should wonder whether this period of weight gain is associated with increased levels of stress in your life. With this information, you can combat stress quickly and effectively. You have an extra incentive to do so, and that’s your very own silhouette!

How Does Stress Affects Our Weight?

Stress is impairing us in various ways and prevents the body from its harmonious functioning. Let’s see how stress affects our body negatively:

  • Hormones Stop Functioning Properly: When functioning harmoniously, hormones influence the metabolic activation. If this is not the case, our body is bombarded by hormones in quantities that are not controlled. This results not only in slowing our metabolism, and causing sleep and concentration problems, but also weakens our immune system.
  • We Often Succumb to Emotional Overeating: Another problem associated with stress is emotional overeating. This term covers every excursion to the refrigerator or cupboards with treats, which is the result of emotional stress. Whether you are stressed or sad, a quick and seemingly easy solution is the consumption of hypercaloric foods. This provides a temporary tranquility and a satisfaction that fools us. However, after a while, the serotonin that was released due to the consumption of such foods subsides and anxiety or sadness come back to the surface.
  • Our Emotions Are Affected Negatively: It has been shown that the happier we are, the more easily we can control our weight. With anxiety, we fail to enjoy the pleasures of life and as a result we don’t smile often enough. The pessimistic attitude towards life affects our bodies, increasing our weight. That’s why we often see people who fall in love losing weight.


What should we do to counteract?

It is expected that some situations will increase our anxiety. However, each one of us should find the right ways of fighting back. This does not only apply to the maintenance of our ideal weight. Instead, it applies in every area of our daily lives. Therefore, we need ways and secrets that will allow us to relax and eliminate stress from our body. Some methods of relaxation and elimination of stress are listed below:

  • Frequent Exercise: By regular exercise, the serotonin secreted eliminates stress and makes us feel happy.
  • Reading: Relaxing with a book is a habit that can help us reduce daily stress.
  • Meditation: Some people see great results through meditation on a daily basis.
  • Yoga: Alternatively, instead of meditation you can try yoga lessons. This way, you build your inner balance.
  • Warm Bath: A relaxing bubble bath with essential oils and salts can eliminate all thoughts that plagued us throughout the day.
  • Herbs: Herbal infusions are very important in the relaxation effort, especially in the evening, just before sleep.

Try the method that helps you relax best and start taking care of yourself, both internally and externally – you deserve it.

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