Why Are We So Stressed this Holiday Season?

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The holidays are certainly emotionally charged and this often has a negative impact on our eating habits. Emotional overeating is one of the dangers we face during the holidays. Whether we rush to complete all of our obligations before going home to celebrate with our loved ones, or if we can’t attend the festive table with the family, our anxiety paralyzes us. We seek a way out of the stress and we find it in food. Shortly after we realize what we’ve done, our anxiety has gripped us again. Can we escape from this vicious circle?

Why Are We So Stressed On Holiday?

There are literally countless reasons that can stress us during the holiday season:

  • Promises we can’t keep
  • Excessive workload
  • Inability to visit relatives and friends
  • Finding the ideal gifts
  • Economic factors
  • Stress of criticism from relatives and friends

Since we overload ourselves with many things, it is quite normal that we can’t cope with everything. This in turn causes our excessive anxiety and the refrigerator door seems more attractive than ever! Serotonin released through excessive eating satisfies our body only for a short period of time. However, once this short-term feeling of fullness and happiness has passed, we find ourselves again in the same situation which is having consumed a few hundred calories that are not needed!

How Do We Deal With Stress?

Fortunately, there are some secrets that will help us avoid the big, impending carnage in the kitchen during the holidays. Here’s what we should do:

  • Redefine your priorities: Your priority should always be yourself. Instead of worrying and blaming yourself because you haven’t completed any work, or because you didn’t think of an innovative gift, think differently! Optimism is always the key to success. So remember that you have many reasons to celebrate with good company, friends and favorite relatives.
  • Control the situation: Are you afraid of the holiday menu, since and all recipes are fattening? Why not make something healthier, so you can enjoy it too? Identify what will comprise the menu and make smart choices. Instead of soft drinks or too much alcohol, drink a soda water with lemon slices or even water. The company you keep is what really counts.
  • Have a good time: Consider the festive table as a reason to surround yourself with people you love and haven’t seen for a long time. Talk to them, help in the kitchen, spend time with family and loved ones and forget about your obsession with the buffet. Help in cleaning or decorating the house, go for a walk in nature, play board games or share funny stories.

The festive season is always the time when we let our emotions overwhelm us. This does not mean that we should give up our efforts for a healthy life. Enjoy every moment, but also replace the need of excessive eating with the desire to be with people you love and to do the things that you enjoy!


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