How to Lose Weight After the Summer Holidays

One of the hardest times of the year is without a doubt the time right after the holidays. As you are having fun with your loved ones, you do not care about food options and it is only fair that your healthy eating patterns are ignored, if not forgotten. However, when we get back from […]

Protein: Is it possible to get it only out of plants?

Traditionally, meat is considered the top food option when it comes to protein intake. However, animal food is not the only way to get such nutrients. There are plant based food options, such as beans and whole wheat cereal, fruit, nuts and seeds that offer plant protein and come with numerous benefits.

Help! Why am I hungry all the time?

We have all been carried away some time in our lives, consuming a lot more food than what we ought to. Overeating is closely related to psychology, even though there are many other factors that enhance such an attitude. Most frequently, we wake up in the middle of the night and crave for something to […]

How to Overcome Unhealthy Addictions

Our brain is capable of so many actions. Most of them are good for our health, but some of them aren’t. An example of how a brain action can cause a problem is the power a habit has. The ability to maintain a habit truly helps only when it comes to healthy eating or exercise. […]

6 Secrets for Preparing Easy and Delicious Meals

Most of us lead a hectic everyday life, which stands in the way of any healthy eating patterns. It seems extremely difficult to prepare meals in the right way, as well as always have healthy food without deviating from your plan. However, with proper planning everything is possible. It is important to plan your diet […]

What Do My Food Cravings Mean?

We have all experienced food cravings maybe more than a few times over a week. But what exactly is that and when should we pay more attention in what our body is telling us? In order to try and understand what food cravings may really mean, we have to categorize each emotion in order to […]

Fresh VS Frozen Vegetables: What shall I choose?

It is generally considered healthier to pick only fresh vegetables for your foods and salads. You have perhaps heard that frozen vegetables are less nutritious than the fresh ones. Some say that during the frozen status, vegetables lose all their healthy and necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, consume such products will not benefit you in […]

Breakfast Cereal: A Healthy or Unhealthy Option?

Most people have a soft spot for cereal. Having established itself as a healthy nutritional breakfast option, cereal is listed among the most popular products and makes significant profit for food companies at a global scale. The most successful ads include cereal, which has been combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Happy children and […]