What is the best time to consume your protein?


There is no doubt that when you are exercising and adding extra protein to your daily nutrition, it has an immediate effect on your muscle mass and your overall strength. There are many personal trainers and athletes that recommend a protein supplement, right after your daily workout.

Protein: Is it possible to get it only out of plants?

Traditionally, meat is considered the top food option when it comes to protein intake. However, animal food is not the only way to get such nutrients. There are plant based food options, such as beans and whole wheat cereal, fruit, nuts and seeds that offer plant protein and come with numerous benefits.

5 Serious Mistakes That Nutrition Experts Make

5 Serious Mistakes That Nutrition Experts Make With so much competing studies and opinions out there, it is a common occurrence for nutrition experts to make calls on things that are really mistakes. Some of them are virtually harmless mistakes; however, some are quite serious. It is the serious mistakes that nutrition experts make that […]

Protein: Are you getting enough?

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A common dietary dilemma is that you may be trying to cut back on high-fat products that are rich in protein, especially plant-based-protein-rich foods like seeds and nuts, but it is doing you no favors if you are trying to adopt a healthier nutritious plan.